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Acetylene Alternative – Propylene Fuel Gas

Acetylene gas has the chemical formula C2H2 and is the simplest alkyne that is available; alkynes are hydrocarbons that have at least one carbon-carbon triple bond. However, at Adams Gas, we do not supply acetylene gas, but we do provide a much more efficient and safer acetylene alternative known as propylene fuel gas.Here is what you need to know.


What is Propylene Fuel Gas?

Propylene, also known as propene, is an unsaturated organic compound that is known as an alkene, whereas acetylene is an alkyne. Because of its size, propylene requires a larger operating pressure for it to be used.

The most popular uses of propylene gas include usage in the petrochemical industry, creation of polypropylene, and is also used as an acetylene alternative in oxy-fuel welding and cutting, brazing, and heating of metal for bending purposes.

What’s the Difference Between Acetylene and Propylene?

One of the main differences is that, because of the operating pressure of propylene and the fact that propylene is less volatile than acetylene, propylene can last much longer than acetylene. This greatly decreases the product and delivery costs, as well as increasing productivity.

Because acetylene is more saturated than propylene, since it has a carbon-carbon triple bond whereas propylene has a carbon-carbon double bond, and that acetylene requires additional compounds for it to be suitable for use, it means that burning acetylene produces more soot. Therefore, propylene is considered to be a cleaner burning fuel.

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The most significant different between acetylene and propylene is that propylene is much less volatile than acetylene. The operating pressure of propylene is much greater compared to acetylene. Because of acetylene’s lack of operating pressure, it means that, when the pressure is increased, the stability issues come to fruition which can cause some serious consequences; one of which is that dangerous flashbacks can occur while using acetylene.

What Do You Need to Use Propylene?

Using propylene is easy since it is a very safe gas to use. All you need is a fitted propane-grade hose, as it is oil and flame resistant, further increasing safety procedures. However, since it is an unsaturated carbon, you must always be careful when using it, since it is a highly flammable compound. If you want to know more about the risks and warnings that come with using propylene gas, make sure to take a look at the propylene safety sheet.

As long as you are safe when using propylene, you will start to see the advantages if you previously used acetylene gas. We at Adams Gas always ensure that all our products are as safe as possible, so you can be sure to trust us.

If you want to know more regarding pour fantastic acetylene alternative, or you want to have a chat about any of our products, then make sure to contact us today; we will be more than happy to help.