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Christmas Fun: Balloons, Heating, and More!

It’s that time of year again – the decorations are going up and so is the dial on your central heating. We want your Christmas to be the best ever, so we’ve created this handy blog full of design tips to celebrate this Christmas.

Balloons are so much fun, so why not add them to your Christmas list this year?

Festive Balloons

Festive balloons can bring joy to the home or office! Raise morale and get everyone into the Christmas spirit by purchasing a balloon kit for Christmas and going wild on the decorations.

New York City, New York, United States - November 28, 2013 : Elf on the Shelf balloon flying through W 59th ST during the Macy's 87th Annual Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Free Yourself from Self-Inflation…

Christmas is a time to have fun, and the decorations should never be a chore. Don’t tire yourself out or give yourself a headache by attempting to inflate all your balloons with your own breath manually; use one of our helium canisters for balloons kits instead.

Group of friends lying next to a fireplace and Christmas tree, having fun on Christmas morning, blowing colorful balloons and decorating the house

Festive Balloon Signs

Perhaps your home or venue is a little out of the way, but you can make sure that your guests know exactly where you are by marking your home with a few Christmassy balloons.



Balloon Games for Christmas

If you’re celebrating Christmas, you’re likely going to be enjoying a Christmas party or three, and there is nothing like a few balloons to liven up the party a little.


Here are some great balloon games for you to try out with any deflating balloons over Christmas:

  • Protect Your Balloon

Tie a balloon to a piece of string and tie the other end to a person. Repeat this for multiple guests then set them the task of popping other people’s balloons without losing their own.

  • Balloon and Spoon Race

It’s like an egg and spoon race but better because you’re using Christmas themed balloons.

  • Balloon Race

Split your guests into groups, get the groups to stand in a line and place a balloon between each person. Then, direct the teams to waddle towards a starting line. The teams must race to the end without losing the balloons between them, but they’re not allowed to use their hands to correct the balloons’ positions.


Endless Fun

Even without proper balloon games, balloons can be pretty fun and put a smile on the faces of your guests.



Make-shift Santa Costume

We reckon you can even make a budget Santa costume with a big enough balloon.



Or, you can entertain the kids by inflating some normal-sized red balloons and decorating them as Santa’s with some arts and crafts materials.


Christmas Balloons are Fashionable and Historical

Lighting a lantern to release on Christmas or New Year’s Day was the height of fashion a few years ago, but since fears of these lanterns going on to spread fires and damaging ecological habitats have risen, inflating a Christmas balloon that stays in your house is seen as a much better alternative.

Balloons are a symbol of hope; free from gravity, and these joyous decorations will lighten your Christmas this year.

Thai lady enjoy yeepeng festival in Thailand, Asia travel concept

Christmas Heating

Gas fuels the heating in many homes across the UK, it’s an important resource for many, and sometimes an extra bit of heat can go a long way. Perhaps you might consider gifting an indoor portable gas heater and some gas to a family member who will be struggling with the cold this winter?

Stay Cosy this Christmas

We have plenty of Calor gas to heat up your home, and we also have helium balloon kits to help you decorate for Christmas this year. With so much to do, see, and enjoy, let us take care of any questions you have relating to portable gas cylinders. We’re experts who can offer refills and cylinder collection, so speak to us today about your gas, and we’ll speak to one of our trained technicians.