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Easy Welding Projects for Beginners

Welding can be quite an intimidating skill to acquire – from the blasting hot welding guns to the expenses of gas and materials. We’ve created a list of easy welding projects to start off beginners looking to get into the hobby, so share this with anyone who might be interested in picking up welding.

Of course, we recommend learning a bit about MIG and TIG as well as safety practices before getting into a project, but these ideas are great to test and refine your new skills on.

Wine Bottle Holder

This project is cheap, easy, and can solve any fear you have towards stocking presents for friends and family this year. All that is needed is a simple but thick steel chain and an empty wine bottle. Ensure that your chain is not galvanised before you start and begin to drape and organise your chain into a structure that will hold a wine bottle.

Begin with the base of the structure, perhaps a circle, and weld the links of your chain together. Next, you’ll need to hang the stem of the holder so you can weld the links to remain upright. Next, you’ll need to lay the structure on its side and weld the hold that the wine bottle’s neck will rest through – you’ll need to ensure the hole is big enough for the bottle to fit. Once organised correctly, weld the links together to ensure that they’ll stick.

Welding the links together will mark the chain, so you’ll want to have some paint on hand to go make your wine holder worthy of being a birthday or Christmas gift. Match the colour of your chain to the receiver’s home if you’re willing to invest in lots of paints.

This is a very simple and cost-effective way to show your neighbours and family the creative side of welding. You don’t have to stick to the wine bottle holder theme either; why not twist the chain into a heart shape and send it to a loved one?

Bottle of wine on the original base and wineglass

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Spoon Flower

If you’re feeling artsy, then it’s time to take out the metal cutter and deplete your kitchen of its spoons. If you’re feeling especially inventive, you can use the handles that you cut off the spoons as leaves so you don’t end up with any waste.

If you prefer a more colourful arrangement, then you may want to consider saving your bottle tops for future creative welding projects. You can further personalise your spoon flower by flattening the petals (spoons) or using forks instead.

Steel Washer Bowl

If you have steel washers going spare, then why not make your own beautiful steel washer bowl to test out your skills? In concept, this bowl is quite easy to make, but the level of finish quality you’ll want for displaying in your home will test you in other areas. This is a good exercise for those who are looking to refine their finished products. You may also be able to replicate the steel washer bowl with items such as flattened bottle caps, chains, or shaped cutlery. Watch the video below to understand how you can make a bowl of your own through welding.

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Barbecue Pit

The best projects are ones that provide you with a usable result at the end because they will help to keep you motivated throughout any struggles you have to endure in the process. You’ll need to construct a frame for the grill, an ash catcher, a mesh tray to hold charcoal and some sturdy legs.

During this project, you’ll need to ensure that you take some careful measurements to ensure that your result isn’t lop-sided.

Sausages grill with burning charcoal with fire on the stove with grill on top in Bangkok, Thailand.

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Outdoor Table

If you have an excess of steel bits and bobs – tools, washers, nails, or chains – then why not weld them all together to create a truly unique table. Start by creating a metal frame and add steel components until you are happy with the final product. You may want to do a couple of test runs before you weld them together to be sure that you’re going to like the overall composition.

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Hot Dog Holder

If your aim is to make people smile, then you might like the idea of these simple hot dog holders. They aren’t incredibly functional, but they’re definitely fun to look at and will test a welder’s precision for working on smaller projects where an exacting eye makes all the difference.

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If you’re teaching welding or a student yourself, you’re going to need gas to make your dream projects come true. We can supply you with all the MIG welding gas and TIG welding gas that you need to become a welding expert. Contact us soon for more information regarding our welding gas supplies and other welding equipment.