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Business News Update

Throughout the lockdown, we have continued to offer our services to customers in need of essential gases. We offer Calor gas for heating and cooking, but we also supply important industrial gas needed to keep garages and workshops running. MIG welding gas and TIG welding gas for garages and workshops are essential for keeping couriers and their vehicles on the road.

We are continuing to offer our full range of gas so that you can continue with your life at home or work. The answers that you may be seeking to any further questions regarding our business during the lockdown are answered below:

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Are We Still Open for Business?

We are still open for business, although in correlation with government guidelines, we would ask that our customers contact us via our website or telephone systems to reduce physical contact with our staff.

This said, we are still open for individuals to collect their gas from our office, but we would recommend that customers pre-order and pay for goods online so that we can offer a click and collect service. This will also reduce the spread of the disease and we thank all our customers who have changed their usual routine with us to help the country stay safe.

We will not be accepting cash or cheques during the lockdown. This is to reduce physical transmission of the virus.


Have Our Business Hours Changed?

Our business hours during the lockdown are as follows:

8.00 am to 5.00 pm Monday to Friday

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Are Gas Deliveries Affected by the Lockdown?

Our delivery service has changed to be a doorstop delivery only. Our drivers will deposit your required gas at your door and collect any empty bottles to return. We are operating on no-contact delivery services to reduce the spread of the virus.


What Are We Doing to Follow Government Guidelines?

We have followed government guidelines to enable our business to fight the coronavirus appropriately.

  • We are following 2m social distancing in our office and warehouse.
  • Our click and collect service enables customers to collect equipment with minimal contact.
  • The counter is currently closed to customers, but in the coming weeks we will be erecting screens on the counter. This will provide our staff and customers with greater safety and peace of mind when we re-open in the future.

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Keeping You Updated

Adams Gas plans to follow the government guidelines as closely as possible whilst continuing to supply gas. We will continue to keep our customers updated as best we can through our social media channels and website.

Thank you for your patience, we look forward to returning to normal soon.