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How To: Weld Various Items

There have probably been times when you were keen to fix one of your beloved items, but were unsure on how to effectively and cleanly weld it back together. Even for the most skilled of welders, there are some commonly used household items that they would rather steer clear of welding, but we aim to give you a bit more insight into how to weld some of the most commonly queried items around the home.

Read on if you’ve ever wanted to find out how you can weld a bike frame, exhaust, radiator, gate or jewellery, as this article will give you some tips and tricks, along with video guides to welding all of these items.


How To Weld A Bike Frame

Whether you’re looking to weld a bike frame after damaging it or hoping to create a custom frame for your bike, welding gives you the flexibility to fix or create a brand new frame with absolute ease.

When welding a bike frame, we would definitely recommend the TIG method, as MIG welding can be tricky when it comes to smaller and more delicate pieces like modern bike frames.

For a step by step guide of how to weld a bike frame, check out the video below:

How To Weld An Exhaust

If you are able to weld your exhaust back on to your vehicle yourself, you can stand to save yourself a pretty penny over the course of your vehicle’s lifetime. Welding an exhaust is a relatively easy process, you just need to know where to start!

For this weld, we would recommend using the TIG method if you’re particular about the finish of the weld, as you can be more precise using this method. However, MIG welding is also perfectly acceptable if you’re not too fussed about how your exhaust looks at the end of the weld, it’s also considerably cheaper and quicker to MIG weld for absolute beginners.

Here’s a quick video that explains how to weld an exhaust:

How To Weld A Radiator

There are actually a number of ways that you can fix a cars radiator without taking it in to a mechanic, but using a weld is one of the most effective ways to ensure the longevity of any radiator.

Before carrying out any work, it’s essential that you clean the radiator thoroughly to ensure the weld is able to be completely effective.

It is worth noting that welding a radiator can be quite complex for beginners, so if you are struggling with this weld, seek professional advice!

Here’s a video which explains the process of successfully repairing a radiator:

How To Weld A Gate

If your gate has become damaged or you’re looking to build your own gate for your home, you’ll inevitably need to weld it back in to place at some point. The process is pretty simple, and we’d recommend using TIG welding for this type of work, as it will give you a much neater finish than using MIG welding. It should be noted however, if the hinges of the gate are likely to be hidden, MIG welding is more than acceptable!

As a general rule of thumb, even though there are many types of gates, the process of welding is pretty similar for all gate types. This video gives you a step by step process for welding a gate:

How To Weld Jewellery

If you’re looking to make your own jewellery, then you can use welding or soldering techniques to do this.

We wouldn’t recommend fixing your own precious jewellery yourself, unless you’re an expert in soldering or welding, we would suggest taking your jewellery in for professionals to deal with.

Check out the video below on the basics of soldering your own jewellery:

Depending on your requirements, you will need either MIG welding gas or TIG welding gas to complete the weld on most projects, and here at Adams Gas we stock a range of welding gas in various gas cannister sizes to meet your needs.

If you’re not sure what welding gas you need for your next project, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experts today. You can contact us by calling our team directly on 01843 220 596 or 0800 195 4445 or contact us using our online enquiry form and we’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.