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Why You Should Always Purchase Gas from A Trusted Supplier

Choosing the right company to purchase gas from is a big decision, with the transportation and safe handling of gases being as important as the eventual usage of the gas. If you do choose to purchase gas from the wrong business, you could find yourself with faulty goods or, even worse, unstable gas.

In this article, we will highlight some of the most important things about choosing a gas supplier, and why going for a trusted source is always the best course of action.

What Can Go Wrong?

Less respectable companies might offer more competitive prices, but you have to ask yourself whether it’s worth the risk. When the results of gas complications can lead to catastrophe, we think that trusted suppliers are the way forward. Here are just some of the issues that could be experienced from poorly handled gas:

  • Faulty Measuring Systems
  • Unstable Gas Canisters
  • Leaky Canisters
  • Transportation Issues
  • Poor Advice and Helplines
  • Poor Warranties
  • Broken Equipment
  • Loss of Product
  • Reduced Productivity
  • Hazardous Work Environments

In the next sections, we will break down some of these problems, and why it is important to always remain vigilant around gas.

Faulty Measuring Systems

A faulty flow meter or fuel regulator could cause serious issues with your gas and its usage. For welders using  MIG welding gas or TIG welding gas, it could give results that cause the welder to use the wrong amount of gas accidentally, which would, in turn, lead to a poor weld.

A faulty regulator could also lead to accidental gas leaks. At its least harmful, you might lose product to the atmosphere. In a worst-case scenario, however, this could lead to a safety hazard with clouds of gas in your workshop, home, or storage facility.

We supply oxy fuel regulators to use alongside our gas for your welding endeavours. Don’t risk your productivity or safety on equipment from a less established company.

Welding supplies and safety

Unstable Gas

Gas is stored in canisters via atmospheric compression. The altered atmospheres within the bottles where they are stored is what causes the gas to act like a liquid, prevents the gas from escaping, and allows for more gas to be stored in smaller spaces.

An unstable gas canister, however, can prove fatal. Instability can occur if the canisters are improperly stored and are without their protection caps. An impact with a gas cylinder can cause a fault in the canister. This fault could lead to the gas pushing against the weaker section of metal until it escapes. When it does escape, it may occur with such force that it sends the canister flying at speed, which could prove fatal, or create a chain reaction in other canisters. This fault has occurred in the past, and was recorded by Croner-i.

Faulty equipment and poorly fitted safety measures must be taken seriously. Use a trusted supplier to avoid encountering this problem, and always question the safety of your gas canisters if you suspect that something is amiss.

Poor Advice and Helplines

It might be inevitable that some problems occur despite your best efforts to procure the safest gas and equipment. In cases like these, you want to be partnered with a trusted gas supplier who can offer you advice before you buy your gas (how to store it, test it, what equipment goes with it), and who can help you in a pinch if something is going wrong.

We have been working with gas for decades, so we have the experience that you need to reduce your risks.

Broken Equipment

Alongside a safe supply of gas, it is also vital that your workers are appropriately equipped with high-quality industrial welding supplies, and similar safety equipment for gas handling. It is important to source the correct connecting tubes and regulators for the canisters you’re using, as well as wearable gear for welders.

Your experience with gas should be to use high-quality materials that have been thoroughly tested, including any necessary safety gear. The process for a safe gas experience requires you to consider every aspect involving it, from its transport to use, to storage.

safety inspector checking gas canisters

On our website, we keep all the important documentation needed to help you use gas legally and safely. For more information on how you should transport and store gas, we recommend that you check our safety and storage page. Staying up to date with our blog is another good way to remind yourself about important safety routines for your gas.

Of course, it’s always important to ensure that the gas you are buying is as safe as can be in the first place. In this case, you should purchase from a respected company, such as Adams Gas. With over 25 years supplying gas products across the UK, you can rest assured that we have the expertise to safely deliver a wide range of high-quality products right to your door.


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