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The Best Ways to Store Your Gas Bottle

Gas bottles are great for portable heating, and here in Britain, we love nothing more than being warm. Gas bottles are also great for the summers when you want a barbeque on a hot day, or when you’re camping with friends and the nights have turned chilly.But, it’s also good to use in winter when you want that extra heat around your home. But how do we store gas bottles?

Safety is the number one priority, and for those who are dealing with this gas, it can be overwhelming and intimidating if you don’t know how to handle it correctly. Here is a guide on the best ways to store your gas bottles.

Gas Bottles

Upright Position

This is to prevent the gas from leaking or causing pressure. Always secure them with a chain, strap, or bar to make sure you stop them from falling.

Well Ventilated Places

This is to make sure they are away from any heat, to ensure there is no risk of explosion. Gas bottles are highly sensitive when open to heat. Also, leaks in closed places can displace oxygen if left for long enough.

Away from Heat Sources

A highly important point to remember is to keep them away from heat sources, it can be very dangerous to expose any gas to heat sources. So, keep well away from radiators and electric heaters.

Store Outdoors

Always be sure to keep them away from building entry, exit points and drains.

It’s also important to watch which canisters are empty and full, putting labels on them is key so you and others are aware which is which.

Storing your gas bottle safely is of the highest importance, it is imperative to store them safely to keep yourself and those around you safe. Released gas spreads quickly and there are many ways it can be triggered. Here are the ways you should not store your gas bottle.

Store or Use Below Ground Level

This is important in the case of leaks accumulating underground. When storing your gas canister, it’s important to ensure you’re storing it in the safest way possible. Doing so helps prevent any potential accidents and prevents any worst-case scenarios from occurring.

Gas Bottles

Near Toxic Materials

Prevent storing gas bottles near any corrosive, toxic or oxidant materials. This is to prevent any potential hazards occurring; toxic materials can also cause damage to certain substances. Also keep away from any hazards, such as electrical power lines, smoking areas, cardboard storage, or other flammable materials.

In case of a leak, look out for the signs, such as; a gassy aroma, the sound of escaping gas, and any condensation or frosting around the leak. A leak can be confirmed by brushing soapy water over the suspected leak source, just to make sure. Always check the bottle is properly sealed.

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