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Acetylene Gas Alternative

Acetylene Gas vs. Propylene Fuel Gas

Propylene gas is a fantastic Acetylene gas alternative, traditionally used for welding, brazing, heating and cutting. With so many associated benefits, not only in terms of health and safety, but also in regards to cost-savings, you’ll benefit greatly from switching to Propylene. Order your refillable 2L Propylene Gas Canister or your 20L Propylene Gas Canister here today from Adams Gas.

2L Propylene Gas Refill

2 litre propylene alternative fuel gas canister refill for sale.

20L Propylene Gas Refill

20 litre Propylene alternative fuel gas for sale.

If you’re still not convinced, read more to find out about why propylene gas is an excellent acetylene gas alternative…


It’s Safer Than Acetylene Gas

Propylene gas has a much higher operating pressure limit (133 psi) compared to Acetylene (15 psi), and is therefore a much safer and more time-efficient fuel gas to operate with. As well as this, Propylene fuel gas is twenty times more stable and has a reduced chance of flashbacks when used for either welding, brazing, heating or cutting purposes. This is due to the low volatility of propylene which requires no acetone to stabilise. As this acetylene gas alternative requires no stabilising agents and possesses less pressure, the canister’s contents are 100% fuel, thereby making Propylene gas last over twice as long as standard Acetylene.

Superior to Acetylene Gas in Every Way

With no need for stabilising Propylene, production of this alternative gas is much cheaper, enabling us to pass the savings on to you. With one Propylene 20L canister lasting approximately five times longer than standard Acetylene gas, you’ll be making significant long-term savings. A recent study by Gas Innovations concluded that this in turn can reduce the labour of cylinder change-outs by up to 80%.


With Propylene outputting a higher amount of BTU, it burns even hotter than Oxygen and Propane. It is because of this that the tip-to-work distance can be greatly increased without compromising on high-quality precision cutting, even when working on large or thick metal parts. The high burning temperatures and favourable chemical properties of this Acetylene gas alternative also means that you will experience much faster cutting speeds and superior combustion performance, especially in comparison to Propane.

Propylene Gas Equipment Requirements

Switching to Propylene gas is an easy process. For safety reasons, all that’s required for the use of Propylene is a fitted Propane-grade hose as it is oil and flame resistant. If you do not currently work with these hoses, Adams Gas currently stock this Propane-grade equipment in various sizes such as the BW600538PFT 6mm 5m 3/8″ fitted Propane Hose and the BW6002038PFT 6mm 10M 3/8″ Fitted Propane Hose.


Best Health & Safety Practices for Handling Propylene Gas

Although this fantastic Acetylene gas alternative possesses many advantages and is a far more superior welding gas to work with, it is still a volatile and highly flammable product and therefore must be used with caution. Get informed about the various risks and warnings associated with Propylene by reading our Propylene safety data sheet.


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