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Portable Gas Bottles: Types and Uses

Posted on 11th July 2024

In our constantly on-the-move world, anything “portable,” such as phones and computers, has become a valuable game-changer in various activities, both commercial and personal; portable gas bottles are no exception. […]

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Future Trends in Welding Gases

Posted on 2nd July 2024

What trends are shaping and revolutionising the welding industry and its future? Technological developments, innovative smart processes, and growing environmental concerns are presenting both challenges and opportunities for the sector, […]

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Cooking Hacks for Camping Gas Stoves

Posted on 17th June 2024

Summer is officially here, and despite the moody weather, we are positive the most adventurous among you are already planning exciting activities in the great outdoors. Whether alone, with a […]

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How Nitrogen Preserves Freshness in the Food Industry

Posted on 10th June 2024

Nitrogen has outstanding versatility. Most commonly used in air conditioning and motorsports, many ignore that it is also successfully employed in the food industry to preserve the freshness and flavours […]

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How Does Nitrogen Purging Make Pipelines Safer?

Posted on 3rd June 2024

Numerous industries rely on pipeline safety to carry out their daily operations; among these are oil and gas, chemical manufacturing, and food processing. Clean, efficient, and secure pipelines free from […]

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How Restaurants and Pubs Use Our Gas Services

Posted on 28th May 2024

Restaurants, pubs, and the whole hospitality industry centre their activities on a reliable, consistent gas supply. It is easy to understand why gases have such a central role; after all, […]

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From Farm to Brewery: the Journey of Beer and Cellar Gas

Posted on 21st May 2024

With the sunny weather finally kicking in and the barbecue season looming on the horizon, many find their ideal heaven in sipping on a nice, fresh beer in their favourite […]

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Helium Gas in the Floristry Industry

Posted on 10th May 2024

Today, we put a spotlight on the floristry industry, one that doesn’t immediately come to mind when thinking of gases, especially helium. We believe that when the opportunity presents itself, […]

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Cultivating Indoor Gardens with CO2 for Hydroponics

Posted on 11th April 2024

As the chill of winter fades and the warmth of spring starts spreading, both professional gardeners and gardening enthusiasts are gearing up for a new season of growth. However, for […]

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From Explosions to Snow Scenes: Gas in FX Departments

Posted on 11th March 2024

March is famously the month when, every year, the Academy Awards are presented to the best and most deserving films of the past season. The event is surrounded by great […]

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Refillable Gas Cylinder Options at Adams Gas

Posted on 6th March 2024

Whichever your industry, be it in welding, drinks dispensing and brewing, or party planning, knowing you have reliable and worthwhile gas solutions to back up your business and its needs […]

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How Does Gas Power the Culinary Industry?

Posted on 22nd January 2024

According to an old 2009 article from The Harvard Gazette, not only “we are what we eat”, but the invention of cooking has been the key driver of the evolution […]

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