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Nitrogen Bottles

Adams Gas offer a range of RENT FREE Nitrogen cylinders for all uses. We are the original rent free bottle supplier in the UK and have maintained to offer our customers the best gas at the right price without the continual rent charged by other gas suppliers. We can provide Nitrogen cylinders in a 2L, 9L, 20L and even a 50L quantity.

Below are but a few of the possible applications for nitrogen gas:

  • As a modified atmosphere, pure or mixed with carbon dioxide, to preserve the freshness of packaged or bulk foods (by delaying rancidity and other forms of oxidative damage). Pure nitrogen as food additive is labelled in the European Union with the E number E941.
  • In ordinary incandescent light bulbs as an inexpensive alternative to argon.
  • Filling automotive and aircraft tires due to its inertness and lack of moisture or oxidative qualities, as opposed to air. The difference in N2 content between air and pure N2 is 20%.
  • Used as a propellant for draft wine, and as an alternative to or together with carbon dioxide for other beverages.Nitrogen tanks are also replacing carbon dioxide as the main power source for paintball guns. Nitrogen must be kept at higher pressure than CO2 gas bottles, making N2 tanks heavier and more expensive.