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Gas Cylinder Filling

At Adams Gas we offer gas cylinder filling on a contractual basis, which involves collecting, filling and re-delivering customer-owned cylinders.

This can be a dangerous process for an untrained professional, so it is recommended that you hire a skilled technician for the job. Our professional team offer a reliable and punctual service — we’re always on hand to assist with an efficient and safe gas bottle refill.

Adams Gas provide gas cylinder filling services for CO2 gas bottles, Nitrogen gas bottles, Oxygen, Argon and Helium for use in:

  • Drinks Dispense Industry
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Fire Suppression
  • Welding
  • Party Planning and Events Management
  • Motor Racing
  • And much more — call 01843 220 596 to discuss your requirements!

Here at Adams Gas we can collect, fill and re-deliver any quantity of customer-owned cylinders for brewers, beer wholesalers and independent cellar gas suppliers.

Due to bottle refills safety concerns, we carry out pre-fill checks on all gas cylinders as part of the contract you take out with us. These pre-fill checks are completed to ensure the gas bottles are still in good repair and conform to test standards. We also perform these safety checks to validate the ownership of each bottle. Please be assured that any “foreign” cylinders will be repatriated to their rightful owners in all cases.

However, if your gas cylinder is out of test or in need of repair, we can also help. We’ll arrange for the cylinder to be repaired or retested prior to your refill. It will then be returned to you, ready to use in full-service condition.


Below are some FAQs related to our gas cylinder filling service:

Can my gas bottle be refilled?

Yes! Many different kinds of gas canisters are designed to be refilled again and again. Refilling is typically the most economical, environmentally friendly, and sustainable solution. It means you don’t have to purchase and then dispose of a new gas canister every time you need gas — a gas bottle refill keeps the canister in circulation.

Which gas bottle do I need for a refill?

We can offer gas cylinder filling on our range of CO2, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Argon, Propane, Butane and Helium gases.
We offer a professional service that removes the need for single-disposal or recycling your empty gas canisters. Our service works on a rental system – so the reusable canisters are owned, maintained, and regularly tested by us and then rented to you through a refundable deposit. When your gas bottle is empty, we can refill it for you, or you can choose to return the empty canister, and we’ll simply refund your deposit.

How can I tell if my gas bottle is empty?

Weighing gas is one of the most accurate ways to see how much is left in the bottle. Another method is to fill a jug with warm (never boiling) water and carefully pour it down the side of your bottle. After about 5-10 seconds, you should be able to feel a temperature change on the side of the cylinder. Where the bottle is cold to touch, this will indicate the level of gas inside the bottle.

How long does a gas bottle last before it needs refilling?

To work out how long your bottle will last, you should multiply the cylinder size in kg by 14. The gas application is a significant factor in how long your bottle will last because it determines how much gas you need.
For example, a 45kg cooking gas bottle can last around 244 days, depending on the burner and the frequency you use it. If you have a Calor gas propane 6kg bottle and consider that 1kg of propane can give around 13.6 kWh of energy – you will be able to cook for approximately 81.6 hours.

Can I return my unwanted gas bottle?

We accept unwanted gas canisters so we can safely dispose of them or refill them. We’re experts in recycling, repurposing and gas cylinder filling. If you want to learn more about refillable gas, you can trust Adams Gas to give you honest and reliable advice on all gas-related queries.

Should I dispose of empty gas canisters?

No. Gas canisters are classed as hazardous waste and need to be disposed of carefully – or better yet, refilled or recycled. Gas canisters are pressurised and could still contain gas even if you think they’re empty. You should never put a gas canister in the bin as improper disposal could lead to an explosion or a fire — especially if the bottle is subject to industrial crushing at a waste processing facility.
As trusted bottle gas suppliers, we’re on hand to assist with your gas cylinder filling requirements and are always happy to give advice on our range of gas cylinders and answer any questions you may have. Please, get in touch with our friendly team.