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Gas Cylinder Filling

At Adams Gas we offer gas cylinder filling on a contractual basis involving collection, filling and re-delivering customer-owned cylinders.

Gas cyclinder filling can be a dangerous process for an untrained professional, so it is recommended you hire a skilled technician for the job. Our professional team offer a reliable and punctual service to ensure an efficient and safe refill and are always on hand to assist with a gas bottle refill.

Adams Gas provide a gas cylinder filling services for CO2 gas bottles Nitrogen gas bottles, Oxygen, Argon and Helium for use in:

  • Drinks Dispense Industry
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Fire Suppression
  • Welding
  • Party
  • Motor racing
  • 101 other uses, call to discuss your requirements!

Here at Adams Gas we can collect, fill and re-deliver any quantity of customer owned cylinders for brewers, beer wholesalers and independent cellar gas suppliers.

Due to the safety concerns surrounding as bottle refills, we carry out pre-fill checks on all gas cylinders as part of the contract you take our with us. These pre-fill checks are carried out to ensure they are still within test standard and are in good repair, as well as to validate the ownership of each bottle.

However, if your gas cylinder is in need of repair or out of test, we can also help. We’ll arrange for the cylinder to be repaired or retest prior to your refill. Then it will be returned to you ready to use in full service condition.

Please be assured that any “foreign” cylinders will be repatriated to their rightful owners in all cases.