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    Are you looking for a reliable additional revenue stream for your business on top of your original products and services? Adams Gas are actively looking for more businesses up and down the country to become an official stockist of our gas products.

    We will take care of all the heavy lifting when it comes to supplying gas products, so all you need to focus on is delivering products to customers in your area for a healthy profit each month.

    As the South-East’s biggest distributor of bottled gas products over the last 20 years, we already have a well-established client base across the UK but are looking to expand our reach through our stockist network.

    What Kind of Return Can I Expect to See?

    We find that most of our stockists will see up to a 50% clear profit margin on every sale, potentially more if gas products are refilled on a regular basis.

    The potential really is limitless, and if you have a well-established set of customers who would be interested in purchasing gas for trade or domestic purposes, you can expect to reap financial rewards extremely quickly.

    We will supply you with regular leads from our website, but if you can successfully supplement those with your own local and in store sales, you will see your profits soar!

    Very good quick delivery and I always know what my bill is going to be. Highly recommend!
    Helped with all my enquiries and supplied me with the gas.
    The Medway stockist saved a party, delivered on Saturday am within an hour of phone call, excellent service, Many thanks guys!
    Helpful, knowledgeable staff with a can do attitude. Highly recommend as the prices are great too!
    Good price for Co2 for homebar. Always in stock and pick up straight away.

    What You Can Expect From Adams Gas

    • Supply you with sales leads from our highly visited national website – just last year, we had over 183,000 unique visitors.
    • High-quality products, training and technical support for selling and distributing our gas.
    • Provide you a dedicated sales area, inside which we will not set up any further stockists.

    What We Expect From You

    • Be comfortable running a collection & delivery service in your area.
    • Handle sales enquiries on a daily basis (Monday to Friday).
    • Promotion of your gas products in your local area to supplement leads from Adams Gas
    • To be able to go out and set up smaller stockist within your assigned area (optional)

    Benefit From An Experienced & Trusted Supplier

    Adams Gas are proud to boast over 25 years’ experience supplying gas products across Kent and the South East of England. When it comes to gas products, it’s essential that cylinders are handled, stored and transported safely, so you need to be absolutely sure you can trust the supplier you’re working with.

    This is a fantastic opportunity for your business to add a brand-new line of products to your business, whilst benefiting from an already well-established supplier in Adams Gas.

    What Gas Products Can Adams Gas Supply?

    We are pleased to offer a wide range of gas products for a number of applications:

    Who are our typical customers?

    Welding Gas – Business to Business

    • Farmers
    • Engineers
    • Motor Mechanics
    • Maintenance Departments
    • Mobile Site Welders
    • Air Conditioning Engineers

    Welding Gas – Wholesale

    • Agricultural Merchants
    • Welding Suppliers
    • Car Motor Factors
    • Tool Hire Depots

    Welding Gas – Direct to Public

    • Hobby Welders
    • Car Restorers

    Helium Balloon Gas – Business to Business

    • Party Shops
    • Car Sales
    • Market Traders
    • Florists
    • Restaurants and Public houses

    Helium Balloon Gas – Direct to public

    • Parties
    • Barbecues
    • Family Celebrations
    • Formal Occasions
    • Weddings


    • Paint Ball
    • Hydroponics & Plant Growth
    • Aquatics
    • Swimming Pools
    • Soda Stream
    • Theatrical effects in stage, film and musical events


    • Air Conditioning
    • Motors Sports
    • Food & Wine Preservation
    • Fire Suppression

    Beer & Cellar Gases

    • Pubs
    • Clubs
    • Restaurants
    • Cafes
    • Home Bar

    If your customers may have a requirement for any of the gases listed above, then we would encourage you to get in touch with us to discuss becoming a stockist.

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