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4 Fun Facts About Acetylene Gas

Posted on 26th February 2018

Acetylene- a colourless gas used as a fuel and a chemical building block. It was discovered in 1836 by Edmond Davy, who referred to it as a new carburet of hydrogen, however it was rediscovered some years later in 1860 by a French chemist Marcellin Berthelot who coined the gases name and invented the formula.

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Why You Should Install Gas In Your Campervan

Posted on 15th February 2018

A campervan is all about freedom and the ability to escape and be self-sufficient in new environments, but commonly people find themselves tied to campsites. A gas cylinder can offer you freedom of movement in your campervan that will enable you to get far more out of your time away from home. Here we explore […]

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Staying Fresh With Nitrogen

Posted on 7th February 2018

It makes up 78% of the air you breathe and is one of the main nutrients required by all living organisms on the planet, but nitrogen is vital to so much more than just your vitality. When considered in industrial terms, the use of nitrogen trade gas cylinders is in high percentages for a range […]

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How To Choose The Best Helium Balloons For Your Event

Posted on 31st January 2018

A balloon display can make a spectacular centrepiece for a wedding or a significant birthday. And of course, no child’s party is complete without balloons.

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Nitrogen Gas – FAQs

Posted on 12th January 2018

At Adams Gas, we deal with a number of different gases on a daily basis, so we are familiar with the properties and features of these different gases. With this in mind, we want to help you to get to know these gases so you can use them safely and effectively as well as learn […]

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Your Dream Home Bar Complete with Beer Pumps

Posted on 5th January 2018

Having a watering hole at home will come close to the top on many a DIY bucket list. If you’re thinking about building a space for you and your friends to retreat to in the comfort of your home, we can help you with top tips that ensure there are no compromises – from the […]

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Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

Posted on 15th December 2017

The history of ice cream making dates back more than 2,000 years to ancient China, in around 200BC, when a dessert made from a mixture of milk and rice was packed into the snow and frozen. It was also the Chinese who pioneered a similar ice cream dish, credited to 94 employees – known as […]

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How TIG Welding Works

Posted on 12th December 2017

For any business or hobby welder, having a full range of skills and equipment available can make you far more effective and versatile. One of the handiest capabilities to have is the ability to do TIG welding. It has a multitude of uses, but it’s particularly used for joining two dissimilar metals, or to weld […]

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Top Tips For A Winter Barbecue

Posted on 28th November 2017

Summer barbecues may be leisurely and relaxing, but they won’t give you the same sense of adventure you’ll get from braving the elements for a winter barbecue.

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5 Creative Uses for Helium

Posted on 17th November 2017

Helium balloons are great fun and have long been a staple of the customer-facing marketing industry. But with so many companies jostling for attention, it is worth considering how you can stand out from the rest. Helium for balloons remains an excellent tool for marketing because it ensures promotions stand out. Here we explore how […]

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