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3 Handy Helium Balloon Hints

When it comes to our gas provision we like to offer something a little extra, through providing useful advice along with our products; all to make sure you get the best out of your purchase. While we are welding gas suppliers, and provide everything from beer and cellar gas to nitrogen, it is our helium gas which we would like to pay focus to with today’s blog entry.

While it comes with a strict don’t try this at home, we’ve all heard the high-pitched voices that people make from inhaling helium gas. However, we feel that the most wholesome fun one can have with our helium gas is through balloons. No party is complete without one of these colourful tinkers! As such, let’s take a look at some of the top tips we can offer to help you get the most out of your helium balloons.

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Protect The Balloon!

While it is obvious to keep your balloon away from sharp objects, many people don’t understand that there are other enemies to the humble balloon. A major issue for a helium balloon is anything towards semi-extreme temperature. If it is too hot or too cold, your balloon will react adversely and it seriously reduces the longevity of your party-partner. Therefore, try make sure you keep them at a reasonable temperature!

One Bouquet at a Time

Balloon bouquets bring a wonderful liveliness to a table at an event, but transporting them can be something of a nightmare. Many people try to save time by carrying more than one bouquet at a time, but you are just asking for a major inconvenience when you set them down. They have a habit of tangling in transit, so try to keep them separate!

Collect Your Balloons at the End of Shopping

This is a textbook error, and we know we’ve been caught out before, but if you are picking up balloons make sure that you do it at the end of a shopping spree. If you pick your balloons up at the start, the best you can hope for is only looking like a wally for the duration of your shopping, the worst is carrying a series of popped balloons around with you as you accidentally pop them along the way!

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They may seem like small tips, but they will help you out no end! The inconvenience of all of the above can really hinder the longevity of your balloon’s lifespan, so make sure you take note! If you have a party coming up, and are on the prowl for your helium provider, then look no further! You can get in touch with our friendly team of gas specialists on 0800 195 4445, where we are always eager to help your party pop! Hopefully, unlike your balloons…