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How To Choose The Best Helium Balloons For Your Event

A balloon display can make a spectacular centrepiece for a wedding or a significant birthday. And of course, no child’s party is complete without balloons.

But how do you choose the right helium balloons for your next event?

Choose your material

There are several different types of balloon available, all of which can be filled with helium gas. Latex balloons are the most common and come in a huge variety of colours. These generally inflate to around 9-10 inches, but balloons that are over-inflated until they become pear-shaped are more likely to pop. Cost effective and readily available, latex balloons are a good all-purpose choice but do check with your guests beforehand that they aren’t allergic, as the mould repellent powder used to store latex balloons can cause a reaction.

Mylar or foil balloons are the type that are often sold in the shape of a cartoon character, princess or dinosaur. Composed of nylon coated with a metallic finish, these balloons come in a wide range of shapes but are more expensive than the latex balloons. Consider using them as accents in a combination with standard latex or bubble balloons and remember that they can be refilled over their 3-4 day float time. Mylar balloons are always a huge hit with children and make real show stoppers as a centrepiece.

If you want to create a real wow factor, consider investing in a gliding balloon. These are by far the most expensive options in the helium balloon family but they create a huge impact and can stay inflated for weeks.

Planning your display

Because balloons come in virtually every colour and a huge range of shapes, planning a display in the brand colours of a business or the chosen scheme for a wedding is quite straightforward. As you’re likely to be using latex balloons for the bulk of your decoration, you’ll need to plan the optimum time for inflation which is generally 1-2 hours before the event. Make sure you tie a secure knot in the neck of the balloon and attach any ribbons below the knot for extra security.

Helium vs Air

You might be tempted to simply blow up your balloons with a hand or foot pump, but it’s a false economy. If you rent or buy a helium tank you can get a cost-effective gas bottle refill and produce helium-filled balloons that look spectacular and give your displays the edge.

Helium-filled balloons will float effortlessly, where air filled balloons tend to droop, and can be tethered to a table using decorative ribbons and weights for a highly professional effect. Plus helium balloons stay inflated far longer than air-filled balloons, making them a good investment.

Be Unique

Ready-made balloon kits are available, but its easy to source your own balloons, ribbon and helium tanks so you can create an utterly unique, bespoke display of hundreds of beautiful balloons.

If you want to know more about our gas bottle refill service and how we can make your next event go with a swing, contact us for more details.