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How Much Gas Would You Use to Travel the World in a Hot Air Balloon?

Have you ever wondered how much gas you would need to accomplish your greatest dreams?

We are experts in gas, so we set ourselves to finding out the precise requirements to take a hot air balloon all the way around the world, and we were quite surprised by the results. For example, did you know that the fuel alone would cost at least £262k?

Similarly, did you know that there are plenty of world records for hot air balloon feats? Currently, Vijaypat Singhania holds the record for the highest flight – achieving 21,027m – and the highest number of hot balloons released simultaneously occurred in France, 2013, with a total of 408 achieving lift-off.

If you are looking for large amounts of gas to fuel your dreams of travelling the world or beating the world record for the largest welding lesson ever – currently held by the Boy Scouts of America, Three Fires Council with 275 people attending – then speak to us, industrial gas suppliers. We are also welding gas suppliers with excellent customer service, so trust us with your welding gas questions and orders.


infographic travel the world in a hot air balloon