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Best Beer Festivals and Award-Winning Drinks of 2019

The UK is home to many things, beautiful scenery, stunning wildlife, magnificent castles, and a love of beer that can’t be matched. Beer is one of the oldest drinks in the world and is the third most popular drink after water and tea. Here in the UK, we celebrate our love for this beverage with a host of fantastic beer festivals that take place all across the country all year long.

Here’s a look at some of the best beer festivals the UK has to offer, as well as the winning beers of the 2019 World’s Best Beers award.

Different Beers

Best Beer Festivals

We Are Lager


The UK’s biggest lager festival is a four-day event in Manchester’s Deansgate and aims to showcase the best lagers you can get, all to demonstrate the power of this often overlooked style of beer. It all takes place under one roof for a weekend in April and is coming back around once again for 2020 at Upper Campfield Market.

Brighton Craft Beer Festival


For fans of craft beer, this Brighton festival brings a line-up of UK and European breweries to the shores of Brighton; 2019 included the likes of Cloudwater, Burning Sky and Unbarred. Next year’s line-up has yet to be announced, but tickets to the festival are all-beers-included and it is expected to take place at the Clarendon Centre in June 2020.

The Great British Beer Festival


Under the iconic roof of Olympia, this beer festival is a must-visit for anyone who loves the delights of British cask ale. The event brings together hundreds of breweries from all over the UK, plus a selection of international beers. There’s live music, street food, pub games and you can even learn more about the craft of beer brewing, with the Champion Beer of Britain competition being judged right there. Look out for this one in August 2020.

Indy Man Beer Con


In the crumbling network of grade-II listed Turkish Baths in Manchester, you can drink some of the world’s best beer. At Indy Man Beer Con, they celebrate the finest independently brewed beer in the UK and beyond, with more than 50 breweries to choose from. This festival takes place from the 1st to 4th October 2020.

Mugs of Beer

World’s Best Beers 2019 – Taste Category

From the World Drinks Awards, here are all the winners from the World’s Best Beer 2019 in the taste category.

Best Dark Beer


Mira, Brune N˚6

From French company, Mira, this drink was given the title of the world’s best dark beer in 2019. It is described as having a rich, dark colour with a pleasing balance of toffee malt and slightly citric bitterness, with well-displayed hop flavours that are not too overpowering.

Best Flavoured Beer


Tazman Brewing Company, Maple Vanilla Evasion

Best flavour for 2019 goes to this US company for their Maple Vanilla Evasion. The beer is described as being an appealing colour, with a complex flavour of vanilla and treacle, chocolate and malts. It is a wonderfully balanced beer that is lingering and warming with a sweet finish.

Best IPA


Votus, 001

It’s Brazil that takes the crown for best IPA with the 001. Dark copper in colour with a beige, creamy head, this beer has herbal notes with earthy tones and hints of toffee. Its well-balanced, medium bitterness is offset by sweet biscuit notes.

Best Lager


Zubr, Gold

For best lager, Czech Republic takes the crown with their Gold by Zubr. This pale golden beer has moderate carbonation, is light in aroma and flavour and makes for very easy drinking.

Best Pale Beer


Camba, Pale Ale

You couldn’t have a best beer list without an addition from Germany. German company Camba takes the top spot for best pale ale with their nice hoppy drink infused with red fruit and citrus. It is light with yellow stone fruit flavours, hops and balanced bitterness.

Best Sour


Microbrasserie La Souche, Franc-Bois d’hiver

This French beer wins best sour; it is hazy pink in colour with musky honey and a deep raspberry aroma. It is well-balanced with mustard seeds and pepper to create spicy and complex beer that has a carefully balanced acidity in body.

Best Speciality Beer


Sharp’s, Camel Valley Pilsner

From our own country, it’s the UK that takes the gold for best speciality beer 2019. Pale yellow with a haze, its yeasty aromas and medium-bodied bready flavours work in tandem with its carbonation to create a subtle, clean and pleasant taste, akin to white wine.

Best Stout & Porter


Cassels Brewing Co., Milk Stout

From New Zealand, Milk Stout has a smooth milk chocolate on the nose, a slight pear drop, vanilla aroma and a smooth and rich dark malt body that is firm and well-rounded.

Best Wheat Beer


NBeer, Lindongjiangzhi Weizenbock

Finally, the best wheat beer goes to Chinese company NBeer, for their beer with a banana and esters taste, hints of cloves and a smooth, satisfying finish.

Beer Taps

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