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Amazing Welding Work from Around the World

Welding can be an art form in itself. Doing a good job is one thing but having the ability to create a truly impressive project is another. There are many amazing welding projects online, and we’re taking a closer look at some of them in this article – who knows, you might even feel inspired by them as well.

What Defines Great Welding Work?

If you were presented with a welding job done by someone with many years of experience as well as a more amateurish job, we’re confident that you’d be able to tell the difference immediately. So, what makes great welding great?

  • The skill of the welder
  • A deep understanding of the welding processes (like MIG and TIG)
  • Correct gap preparation between two parts being joined
  • Quality of the weld
  • Lack of defects like overlaps and root cracks
  • Welded joints that are well designed and look great

Having all of the above can be a challenge, but those who do are able to create welds that are not only functional and capable of withstanding the test of time, but that also look good. And aesthetics is just as important, especially if the welds are in plain sight.

Below, you can see how people put these elements into practice and the projects that resulted from that hard work.

What Does Amazing Welding Work Look Like?

A beautiful weld is a sight to behold, and the comments on this Instagram image agree with us. The project uses the TIG process to create an aesthetically pleasing and well-crafted weld. Just looking at how consistent the style is, it’s clear this welder (who we believe is in Japan) has a lot of skill and knowledge.

Welding Work

You can create amazing projects as well with our TIG welding gas, as we supply this and other key elements that go towards making a great weld.

Another clearly skilled welder is the person who created a WALL-E from metal parts they welded together. This clearly takes welding to the next level, especially as this particular creation even has a Bluetooth speaker built-in.

This one is the perfect blend of art project with metalworking and welding skills, and we love it.


This scrap metal artist has other amazing projects on his Instagram page, including large dinosaurs, so make sure to check it out.

We couldn’t stop ourselves from adding in another stunning welding job. The next image shows a very consistent and clean weld made on Inconel 690. Inconel can, sometimes, form cracks, but the job below has been done properly from start to finish. It’s impossible to pick up any starts and stops either.


The devil’s in the details, as they say, and the next example of great welding work really showcases that. Making sure the welds look consistent is just as important as making sure the gate works properly, and this hobbyist welder seems to have nailed it.


Link to Reddit post

Or how about this welding job done on 316 stainless steel? Again, this weld is consistent and shows a great deal of skill, as it appears impossible to detect any starts and stops either. Work like this looks visually beautiful but also allows the metal part – in this case, a reducer socket – to perform well. And, of course, we’re also confident this type of work will last for a very long time.


Link to Reddit post

Part BBQ, part Death Star, the following project is a truly amazing feat made from scrap metal and put together through skill and welds. We couldn’t agree more with commenters saying the artist should sell more of this, as many people would love to own a fire pit like it.

One of the most impressive things about this, apart from the obvious, is that its builder doesn’t create diagrams or draw plans of any sort, preferring to build as he goes.

Welding Grill

Link to Reddit post

If you enjoy metalwork sculptures, like the WALL-E we showcased above, how about a dragon on a massive scale? This 3.5-metre-high dragon is made from iron and, according to the artist, it has over 1km of welds! That’s incredibly impressive, and you really have to see it to believe it.

Fortunately, the artist provided a video:

Welding Working

Link to Reddit post and video

Lining up so many angles and perfectly executing so many welds takes a great deal of skill and this welder, who we believe is in the USA, has it in heaps. All in all, the dragon measures 9 metres from nose to tail and the different metal parts were put together using MIG.

We also offer MIG welding gas at Adams Gas, so you too could start creating amazing projects such as this.

At Adams Gas, we are passionate about welding and metalwork and aim to help people create their own projects, whether they’re amateurs or professionals. We provide a wide range of products you can use for your next project, so contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you.