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How Long Does a Gas Bottle Last?

At Adams Gas, we stock a wide range of gas bottles that are suitable for many different applications. This includes beer brewing, camping, tyre inflation, TIG and MIG welding, and so much more. Whether you need some gas for a home project or for your business, you may have asked yourself the question: just how long does a gas bottle last?

So, in this article, we’re providing a few estimates on how long specific bottles can last, which will help you see the value for money and the exact amount of gas you require for your project before you make a purchase.

Factors That Impact Gas Consumption

As a gas bottle supplier, we know there are several things that influence how long the gas bottle lasts. These factors include:

Your Burner

The type of burner you’re using will make a huge impact on this, and so will the size of the burner, as bigger ones will consume gas faster. So, depending on what you have at home or use in your business, you may want to buy more or less bottles to ensure you have the right amount and don’t have to make additional purchases or pay for too much gas.

Low Heat or High Heat

When cooking, for instance, setting the cooker on a high heat will consume gas faster than on a lower heat. Same if you cook for a longer period of time since this will consume more gas. So, if you ever find yourself running out of gas, then it’s a good idea to keep it on a low setting to ensure you don’t run out when you least expect it – and try to make it quick!

Gas Flow in Welding

If you’re welding, the flow through the aperture can greatly impact how long the gas will last. The more you use, the faster you’ll run out.

The End Use

How are you using the gas bottles? Are you welding, making beer or filling balloons? The gas application is a major factor because it determines how much gas you need. Cooking a BBQ on the patio throughout summer will probably consume less than welding for that same amount of time.

Frequency of Use

And, if you’re using your gas bottles every day, then they won’t last as long as if you only use them sparingly, of course. Frequency of use is crucial when deciding how many bottles to buy, so don’t skip this step if you want to purchase the right amount.


So, How Long Will Your Gas Bottle Last?

Keep in mind these are only estimates, as we’ve just seen there are many factors that influence how long the gas bottles actually last. Still, they can be incredibly useful if you’re about to make a purchase but aren’t sure where to even start.

How long does a 45kg gas bottle last?

A 45kg cooking gas bottle can last around 244 days, depending on the burner you have and the frequency you use the gas. If you use it for over an hour a day, for example, you can expect the bottle to last a lot less. No matter what, it’s still a very respectable number, so you can expect such a large bottle to keep working for you for a long time.

How long does 6Kg cooking gas last?

If you were camping and cooking on a full-size BBQ, for example, you could expect your 6kg bottle of BBQ and patio gas to last, approximately 18 hours. Plenty of time for a few delicious meals over the span of a few days, so you don’t have to worry about running out in the middle of your trip.

How long does a 6kg propane gas bottle last?

Is there any difference with propane? If you have a Calor gas propane 6kg bottle – and if you consider that 1kg of propane can give around 13.6 kWh of energy – you may be able to use a cooker for about 81.6 hours.

Gas Bottles

How long does a butane tank last?

At Adams Gas, we provide many different types of gas, including butane. Each 220g of butane, more or less, will last about 3 to 4 hours on low heat, meaning you can really get your money’s worth with this type of gas. One of our Calor gas butane 15kg bottles could last, therefore, approximately, 238 hours on low heat.

If you want more accurate estimates, why not get in touch with Adams Gas today? We can let you know how long your gas cylinder will last depending on the project on hand, so you’ll get a figure that’s more tailored to you.

You can send us an online message any time you want, and we’re more than happy to help. Likewise, we can answer any questions you may have about any of our products.