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7 Reasons Why You Should Join Our Stockists Network

Here at Adams Gas, we are actively looking for businesses up and down the UK to join our gas stockists network and supply customers with our products. For over 20 years, we’ve been the biggest supplier of bottled gas in Kent and the southeast of England, with a well-established client base across the whole of the country. We’re looking to grow our stockist network, so if you’re a business looking for an add on service to your existing offering, have a read of the 7 points below and find out how stocking Adams Gas could be a lucrative opportunity for you.

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1. Additional Revenue Stream

It is typical for our stockists to see up to a 50% pure profit margin on the sale of our products; even more, if the gases you are stocking are in high demand and bottles are being regularly refilled. Patio gas stockists will likely see an increase in demand during the summer as everyone starts having barbeques.

You may already have a client base interested in purchasing gas for either trade or domestic purposes. Perhaps you sell cellar equipment for bars and restaurants – stocking CO2 and mixed gas for beer dispensing would sit nicely alongside your current offering. In instances like these, you’ll see the benefits of stocking Adam’s gas very quickly!

2. Wide Range of Gas Products Available

We offer a wide range of gases for both domestic and business use; our stock is based on the most widely used and popular gases on the market, which includes:

  • Oxygen
  • Argon
  • CO2
  • Mixed Gas
  • Butane
  • Propane
  • Nitrogen

These gases all play essential roles across many different industries – you may not even realise that your customers are using them. At Adams Gas, we’re even happy to explore expanding our range on request if we don’t currently stock the gas that you need.

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3. High Quality, Industry-Standard Gas

At Adam’s Gas, we pride ourselves on the high quality of our products, regular testing and maintenance of our cylinders. All these things combined ensure that we don’t just meet industry standards but exceed them. The quality of our gas is backed up by a high standard of customer service from our specialist team. Our website contains a wealth of information on all of the various gases we offer, including safety and storage information for every type of gas we stock.

4. Limitless Sales Potential

Gas is used across so many different industries and domestically, so the sales potential for stocking Adam’s Gas can be limitless. Here are some examples of the gases and sectors that we supply regularly:

· Welding Gas – Farmers, engineers, mechanics, wholesale, and hobbyists

· Helium – Party shops, market traders, hospitality venues and direct to public for special events

· CO2 – Paintballing, theatre special effects, SodaStream, hydroponics

· Nitrogen – Air conditioning, motorsports, food and wine preservation

· Beer & Cellar Gas – Pubs, clubs, restaurants and home bars

If you recognise your customers and their needs in the above list, maybe it’s time to speak to us about becoming a gas stockist.

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5. We Provide Leads

Adam’s Gas will provide you with leads from our website, which can be supplemented with your in-store and local sales. Our national website is highly visible, with over 183 000 unique visitors per year.

You’ll be featured on our stockist map, which will include information like your company’s address, website, and contact details – giving you excellent visibility for people looking for gas in your area.

6. We Take Care of the Heavy Lifting

Gas bottles can be heavy. If you’re worried about shifting bulky canisters around when your stock is delivered to you – we’ve got you covered. Adams Gas take care of all the heavy lifting so you can focus on running a smooth and profitable gas collection and delivery service in your selected area.

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7. A Reputable and Trusted Supplier

If mishandled, gas can be a dangerous substance – that’s why it’s so essential when dealing with gas products to have a knowledgeable, reputable, and trustworthy supplier.

You may be able to find cheaper suppliers elsewhere, but it’s not just the price of the gas you need to consider. If one gas supplier is significantly cheaper than the rest, you have to ask yourself – why? It is likely that the level of service, safety and knowledge has been compromised to deliver that lower price.

Adams Gas has over 20 years of experience supplying gas to Kent and the southeast of England. We take a customer-orientated approach to business and pride ourselves on our professionalism. We know how to handle, store and transport gas cylinders safely, and we’re keen to pass on what we know to our stockists.

When you join Adams Gas as a stockist, you can expect high-quality products and high-quality training and technical support from our experts as standard.

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We hope that gave you some insight into the benefits of becoming a gas stockist for a gas supplier like Adams Gas. If you’re wondering what type of gas might be a suitable addition to your business offering, check out our blog on how to supply gas to a variety of industries.