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Stockist Case Study: Peter Gibbs

As one of Adams Gas’s earliest distributors for industrial gases, Peter has been a customer of ours for many years. 

Following a considerable period of growth, Peter gave up haulage and has ‘created a monster he can’t escape’, now supplying rectory gas propane and butane to British oxygen customers and more.

This case study will focus on Peter’s business model and marketing successes. We will also discuss his relationship with us as a stockist.

Our Relationship with Peter Gibbs

Our relationship with Peter is honest and open, built on years of trust and reliable supply. Currently, Peter trades rent-free gas as his sole business, selling both direct and via stocking points, including a garden centre and stockist in Halifax.  

While Peter admits the business is currently too small to employ a permanent partner profitably, he makes around 30% net on the gas business.

The sales potential for our stockists really is limitless. If you have a well-established set of customers who would be interested in purchasing gas for trade or domestic purposes, you can expect to reap financial rewards extremely quickly.

Peter Gibbs Marketing and Sales Strategy

Peter’s marketing efforts include his website and attending an Auto Jumble once a month, attracting car restorers from Yorkshire and the North East. He is able to supply many of our gas products throughout a variety of industries by attending these events.

More recently, Peter has made progress in aquatics via connections through the garden centre. Peter’s feedback tells us that he has had no issues with other Adams distributors in the area.

We often supply Peter with leads and orders, and his full delivery service meets his customer expectations from the Adams website link. Our highly visited national website had over 183,000 unique visitors last year!

Distribution and Logistics 

Peter holds his stock in a secure and safe compound where goods are delivered and moved with a fork truck. Due to his established connections with the haulier, he is alerted when he needs to be present. 

Delivery and distribution are made easier with the use of Peter’s 3.5-tonne truck and 4×4 trailer. We not only supply our stockist with high-quality products, but we can also offer advice on training and technical support for selling and distributing our gas.

Business Development 

Peter has experienced continued business growth against increasingly fierce competition and will potentially seek new opportunities with an adjacent distributor in the future.

Adams Gas Continue to Build Relationships with our Stockist Network 

We’re one of the biggest distributors in the South East, and we supply our gas products to our loyal stockist network up and down the country.

We’re proud to have ongoing relationships with a whole host of leading stockists and gas suppliers. We look forward to continuing to provide gas products for our stockists and their customers.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help your business by becoming a stockist for Adams Gas, please get in touch or visit our business opportunities page.

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