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Stockist Case Study: Pyramid Steel 

Our relationship with Pyramid Steel began with a phone call where we were able to offer the company exclusivity and a much better margin than they already had in place. The current arrangement allows the Aldershot-based firm flexibility in negotiating locally and providing a better offering to their bigger customers.

Adams Gas is one of the biggest distributors in the South East, and we supply our gas products to our reliable stockist network up and down the country.

In this case study, we’ll focus on the work of Pyramid Steel and discuss our relationship with the stockist, highlighting key success areas and marketing techniques. 

Our Relationship with Pyramid Steel

Luke at Pyramid Steel appreciates the relationship with Adams Gas, saying that “the response times are good and the offer fits well with the existing steel and welding business”. He also mentions that he has added customers from other sectors like aquatics, home brewing etc. The helium business is really important for him, and he has built some genuine B2B relationships in that area. In summary, Luke mentioned that Pyramid feels valued by Adams Gas.

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Pyramid Steel Business Model 

The core business is steel, welding equipment and fabrication — supplying mainly into the building sector. Our gasses are a natural fit with Pyramid’s core customers, supplying mostly Argon/CO2 mix. However, as mentioned above, the diverse range of gases available enables Luke to reach many other sectors.

At present, Pyramid primarily communicates with its customers online, and orders are placed through telephone sales. They have a solid and well-positioned retail outlet selling steel, welding equipment and tools, which can be delivered with a nominal £6 delivery charge or collected for free.

Pyramid Steel Marketing and Sales Strategy 

Pyramid’s main marketing communications vehicle is its website, which has a dedicated section for gases, including a segment on Adams Gas. Orders are placed over the phone, and Luke has built up excellent customer retention based on his customer service, which we support. The company wins new customers either through referrals or via the Adams Gas leads.

At the beginning of our relationship, Luke mentioned that he was initially sceptical about Steve’s offer to drive marketing by finding customers and referring leads, but this works really well and has been one of the highlights of the relationship with Adams Gas and is distinctive from other suppliers. 

Luke is delighted to have extended his territory and aims to serve an area soon that encompasses Hertfordshire in the north, right down to Portsmouth and over to at least Basingstoke in the west. 

Distribution, Logistics and Business Development 

 Overall, the logistics are very effective with reasonable lead times, and this works well for Pyramid. His location is excellent from a transport and communications perspective, and Luke is taking on a pallet per week, which includes free collection, which suits Pyramid very well.

Luke is pleased with the growth to date from his gas business, but he believes he could do better and is ambitious to grow significantly in the future — taking further advantage of his territory’s exclusivity. 

Luke’s overall feeling is that this is a very positive business relationship, enabling him to grow year on year.  It fits very well with his core business and has helped him to market to other customers whom he would not have expected to reach. 

Adams Gas Continues to Build Relationships With a Wide Range of Industries 

We’re proud to have ongoing relationships with a whole host of leading suppliers. We look forward to continuing to push the boundaries of our business opportunities and services for our stockists. 

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help your business by becoming a stockist for Adams Gas, please get in touch.

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