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Stockist Case Study: Ty-Canol Restorations

Ty-Canol Restorations are an original distributor. Walter began the restoration business and was initially supplied by another gas supplier but didn’t like the rental system and was looking to source an alternative. 

From the start of our relationship with Ty-Canol, Walter negotiated a distributorship for the whole of Wales, providing a dedicated range of quality industrial, welding, cellar and helium balloon bottled gas supplies.

Gas Cylinder and pressure gauge in Laboratory

At Adams Gas, we’re a leading gas supplier in the South East, and we distribute our gas products to our reliable stockist network up and down the country.

In this case study, we’ll focus on the work of Ty-Canol and discuss our relationship with the stockist, highlighting their business model and key distribution successes. 

Ty-Canol Business Model and Sales Strategy 

Ty-Canol is a gas-only distributor, though they sometimes consult on restoration projects. In the past, the business has run major UK distribution networks (and one African network), consulting on various interesting distribution projects. 

Currently, Walter has a distributor network of 26 clients, including GMF (Glamorgan Motor Factors), across Wales — he is also a listed supplier to Parts Alliance UK wide. Walter works hard to recruit, train and manage his network and often fulfils orders via Parts Alliance (Cheltenham and Gloucester) outside of his area, which isn’t always convenient.

Gas Bottles

While Ty-Canol mainly distributes welding gases, they also stock beer and cellar gas and helium (as one-offs when other suppliers have let someone down). The majority of customers are Motor Factors, and because GMF is growing, his network is also growing. Because Walter handles technical support, he turns many end-user enquiries into orders for GMF branches that the business would otherwise not have won — he does this by asking for PO’s, then shipping the products with the central order, usually weekly (on Mondays). 

Distribution and Logistics 

Walter runs a highly efficient business with the help of two 4×4 vehicles and custom-built trailers. Because of this, he can bulk-buy from Adams Gas and times his returns effectively to make them free of charge. Walter’s sub-distributors need to be capable of handling ten bottle orders to qualify for his free distribution and returns policy.  

Adams Gas Continue to Build Relationships with our Stockist Network 

We’re proud to have ongoing relationships with a whole host of leading stockists and gas suppliers. If you’d like to learn more about how we can help your business by becoming a stockist for Adams Gas, please get in touch or visit our business opportunities page.

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