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How Can Gas Help My Catering and Hospitality Business

Although it may often go unnoticed by customers, many types of gas are integral to catering and hospitality businesses, both large and small. For example, gas helps dispense beer, fill balloons, fuel patio heaters in beer gardens and cooking equipment on food trucks. The type of gas you’ll use will depend on what kind of catering business you’re operating. Knowing which gases are available and how they can be used across hospitality may even present new business opportunities you’ve not thought about before.

Cellar Gas for Dispensing

Cellar gas is arguably the most important gas for bars, pubs, restaurants, or other hospitality businesses dispensing draught beer or soft drinks. Without cellar gas, it’s impossible to get beer from the keg to the glass (unless you’re using a hand-pull pump and only dispensing cask beer), making it a vital part of any cellar dispensing set up.

Person dispensing a beer

Cellar gas allows hospitality businesses to dispense a vast range of beers, lagers, ciders and soft drinks, and those who supply hospitality businesses with cellar gas usually offer a range of both pure CO2 and CO2/nitrogen mixes suitable for a variety of different drinks. Whilst many highly carbonated lagers, ciders and soft drinks require pure CO2 to retain their effervescence, stouts, smooths, and pale ales need a specific concentration of nitrogen mixed into the CO2 to create their recognisable creamy texture. It’s essential to identify the suitable gas for each product, as different beers require different ratios of CO2 to nitrogen for correct efficient dispensing.

Propane Gas for Heating

Many establishments will have outdoor facilities. Since the smoking ban of 2007, more customers have moved outside. However, unlike countries abroad, the UK climate is not quite as forgiving for dining alfresco all year round.

Propane’s primary use within the hospitality sector is for outdoor heating. Often for patios or beer gardens, but sometimes at the entrance to the building to keep customers warm as they wait to enter the venue or when departing. The range of patio and outdoor heater designs available has made them not only practical but aesthetically pleasing for an incredible outdoor dining experience. They also offer all-year-round use of outdoor facilities which may have otherwise been closed, such as pools or waterside activities. With our various sized propane bottles, you can be sure to find a size to suit your patio heater and keep your customers warm.

Cooking With Gas

Many head chefs and restaurant managers will choose a gas oven and hob over an electric one. Gas allows for more control and a quicker change in the desired temperature. This is essential for beautifully cooked sauces and food when it comes to cooking. You could also save up to 30% in energy costs when opting for a gas cooker instead of an electric one.

Propane can also be used to power the ovens and stoves, and whilst most hotels, pubs and restaurants are connected to the mains gas supply, businesses in more rural areas often need to find their fuel source through bottled gas suppliers.


However, if you run a mobile catering business that prepares hot food, perhaps a food van or container, you will need to find a supply of bottled gases. While many mobile catering businesses still use petrol-fueled generators, you can halve generator running costs by 50% by converting to an LPG generator. LPG provides a constant supply of energy at an affordable price, and with our rent-free butane gas bottles, you can be sure that you are using quality gas.

The summer months are usually busiest for most mobile catering companies, with festivals and events typically taking place. However, if you plan on cooking outside in the winter months or colder climates, you may wish to choose one of our propane bottles. They burn efficiently in all weather due to their much lower boiling point, preventing the gas from evaporating.

Helium for Balloons

As a catering business, your priority is cooking. Whilst many hospitality establishments choose to contract out decoration and event planning; it can never hurt to be prepared for any celebrations, special bookings or occasions with our bottled helium gas.

Whether it is an anniversary party, wedding celebration or a milestone birthday, they all look better with balloon décor. They not only serve a purpose in decoration, but by the end of the event, you can guarantee they have kept most of the children (or some adults) entertained with games and fun.

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