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Stockist Case Study: Basic Welding Services

At Adams Gas, we’re one of the biggest distributors in the South East, and we supply our gas products to our loyal stockist network up and down the country.

In this case study, we’ll focus on Basic Welding Services based in Newton Heath, Manchester. We’ll discuss our relationship with the stockist, as well as their business model and development.

Our Relationship with Basic Welding Services

Basic Welding Services (BWS) are primarily welding equipment and disposables suppliers. The addition of industrial and hobby gas is an obvious choice for the company, adding an additional revenue stream.

Many British oxygen customers in the Greater Manchester area were unhappy with the rental and handling charges on their accounts. So with the help of Adams Gas, BWS can now supply them on a ‘deposit only’ approach.

We believe that our trading relationship with BWS is both fair and open, being built on a reliable trade counter supply.


Basic Welding Services Business Model

BWS sell quality welding equipment worldwide, including the Middle East — a primary brand is German Fronius. They also sell riveters, body shop equipment and disposables. Due to their strong position in the welding industry, BWS can easily add on gas as a trade counter supply.

Feedback from BWS tells us that the margins are perfectly okay for an easy sell service product, and they choose to sell only to end-users.

Basic Welding Services Marketing and Sales Strategy

BWS markets gas solely via the trade counter and staff in the showroom. They offer a comprehensive range of gases, including helium which is very popular in their area for celebrations.

BWS has delivery vehicles and will transport gas to large car service centres. For smaller orders the customer will collect empty bottle returns or collect full bottles.

Many BWS customers work all over the UK. However, they see little overlap with other distributors and the price competition is not felt. The company have the benefit of a large secure yard, so it has the space to grow the gas side of the business in the future.

Business Development

Basic Welding Services expects continued growth in the gas business due to helpful British Oxygen tactics. Although they primarily sell welding equipment, the company would consider growth on the back of additional trade counter customers or call-ins from disaffected British Oxygen customers.

Adams Gas Continue to Build Relationships Within the Welding Industry

We’re proud to have ongoing relationships with a whole host of leading welding suppliers. We look forward to continuing to push the boundaries of welding gas services and solutions for our stockists.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help your business by becoming a stockist for Adams Gas, please get in touch or visit our business opportunities page.

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