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Interesting Uses of CO2 Bottles You Might Not Know

Carbon dioxide is a part of our daily lives in more ways that you may think. Not only do we expel it from our lungs when we exhale, but we also consume many products and engage in many activities that depend on this gas. CO2 bottles have a wide range of applications in a vast number of different industries, which makes carbon dioxide an important gas.

There are many interesting applications for CO2  bottles that you may not know about, such as:

Carbonated Beverages

The bubbles and fizz that you find in certain drinks come from the high-pressure addition of carbon dioxide to water when the drinks are being made and package. The fizz you enjoy so much derives from the release of the CO2 bubbles when the beverage is opened or poured. When it comes to beer and sparkling wines, their carbonation comes from natural fermentation, although they are often carbonated with CO2 recovered from this fermentation process.


Carbon dioxide can also be part of the food itself, not just on the food production side of things. CO2 is used as a food additive and acidity regulator, mainly in the European Union, USA, Australia and New Zealand. This gas is also commonly found in food that uses leavening agents, such as baker’s yeast. Baking powder and soda both release this gas when heated or exposed to acids as well.

Fire Extinguishers

CO2 is also often used to extinguish flames. Because the space around the fire is filled with gas, the flames are deprived of oxygen and are put out. Extinguishers that work with carbon dioxide are great for small flammable liquid and electrical fires, but not on combustible fires, as it doesn’t cool down significantly the objects that are burning, which may catch fire again once they are exposed to air.

Treating Apnea

Carbon dioxide is often used as an additive to oxygen (up to 5%) as a breathing stimulant, especially for people with apnea issues. This helps to stabilise the balance of oxygen and CO2 in the blood. This gas is also useful for medical research, especially when combined with up to 50% oxygen (forming a substance known as carbogen).

Helping the Environment

Contrary to what you may think, CO2 can be used to replace less environmentally-friendly alternatives as well, such as in aerosols. In this case, the gas is used as a propellant. Also, many people use dry ice pellets to replace sandblasting when removing paint from objects and surfaces, as it can help to reduce or eliminate residue in an eco-friendlier way.

Glass Frosting

Another fantastic use for carbon dioxide is glass frosting! Instead of placing glasses in the fridge to get them (and your drink) frosty, CO2 can be the solution. This is great for businesses too, as you don’t want your clients to be waiting forever for their cold beer – or to receive a warm drink!

A glass frosting device connects to a carbon dioxide canister or bottle to deliver a frosty blast that will chill your glass in a few seconds.

Swimming Pools

Believe it or not, you can also find this gas in swimming pools. Carbon dioxide is used as a way to control the pH levels of the water, so it is added nonstop to keep these levels from rising. Be it your personal pool or a communal one, it wouldn’t be the same without CO2 there, as this gas plays an integral part in allowing people to swim around without a problem!


Carbon dioxide is used in a vast array of industries, as it’s an incredibly versatile gas that can be applied to different situations. Apart from the applications named in this article, you can also expect to find CO2 in the oil industry, the agricultural sector, in biology, and as a refrigerant, for example.


As bottled gas suppliers, we can help you to choose the right canister for you, be it carbon dioxide or butane, for example. Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about what we can do for you or to enquire about a specific product – our friendly team is always on hand to answer any question you may have!