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How to Stay Safe When Handling CO2 Gas

CO2 is known as the gas that we breathe out and that plants use to create oxygen. However, it has a number of more interesting applications, such as allowing businesses to carbonate drinks.

Being safe when handling gases like CO2 is essential. While CO2 can create those bubbly drinks that we love so much, insufficient handling and storage can have disastrous consequences.

CO2 is all around us in the air, and when it increases, say from a leaking gas cylinder in a confined space, it can cause suffocation and possibly lead to death. CO2 is stored in bottles as compressed liquefied gas, and an increase in temperature will cause an increase in pressure. Too much pressure and the cylinder can rupture.

So, we know that CO2 can be dangerous. If we want to enjoy all its benefits, we must know how to properly handle it to ensure nothing goes wrong. Here’s how you can stay safe when handling CO2 gas.

Co2 Bottle

Transporting CO2 Cylinders

Always ensure that you handle your CO2 cylinder with care. Make sure your hands are 100% dry when you carry them, never lift them with wet hands. Don’t drop them or allow them to be struck or used as any kind of support for other objects. If too heavy to carry, you can use a trolley for moving the cylinder short distances. Otherwise, bottles should be carried using the handles and not lifted above chest height, but do hold them close to the body. Please do not use the valve cover to lift the cylinder, as it can become detached.

If transporting by vehicle, make sure the car you are using is open, or at least well ventilated if this is not possible. Transporting them in closed vehicles with no ventilation is a health hazard. Ensure that the cylinder is secured sufficiently in the vehicle so that they will not shift if you have to stop in an emergency. Make sure you unscrew any connectors and that the protective cap is on the valve.

Operating CO2 Cylinders

When operating your cylinder, make sure that you have thoroughly read through the guidelines from the manufacturer before proceeding. Make sure the bottle is stood vertically with the valve at the top before use. Point the valve outlet away from you before opening it. When in use, have the valve in the fully open position, and close the valve and depressurise the circuit before disconnecting the cylinder.

Only connect gas cylinders to primary regulators. Make sure all the connections are correctly made before you open the valve, and don’t use the valve as a flow controller. If the valve is faulty, do not use the cylinder or interfere with it and try to make any substitutions. Gas cylinders should never be tampered with.

Storing CO2 Cylinders

It’s vital to store CO2 cylinders correctly. Keep the bottles out of direct sunlight to prevent an increase in temperature which will lead to an increase in pressure, and never store them near anything electrical or beside anything that could potentially knock or fall into the cylinders.

To prevent tipping, don’t store cylinders on an uneven floor and keep them in an upright position. Use an appropriate chain or plastic wire cable to secure cylinders regardless of whether they are full or empty. However, empties should be returned to the gas supplier from which you purchased them.

Do not keep cylinders in a damp or corrosive atmosphere and ensure that they are correctly labelled. Keep them somewhere well ventilated and with minimal foot traffic to help prevent cylinder damage. They should be somewhere easy to reach but secure.

Whenever you are moving, using or storing CO2 cylinders, make sure you are appropriately clothed with the right kind of footwear and wearing protective gloves. Never lift more than you can handle and always handle the cylinders with care.

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