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The Perfect Beers to Sup This BBQ Season

We’re on a bit of a BBQ streak with blogs recently and rightly so! BBQ season is now in full swing and we’re loving the smell of a freshly lit BBQ that is now in the air up and down the country!

Rather than focusing on the food that you can cook at a BBQ, we’ve decided to look into the perfect beers to go along with the delicious grilled grub that is served at a BBQ. Join us as we find some of the best beers to eat with all the BBQ favourites!

Dark IPA with Beef Burgers

Ah, the old BBQ classic. They are the perfect hand food and already taste great, especially when garnished to your perfection, so it’s quite easy to assume that pairing it with a beer won’t make it taste any better than it already does.

However, we recommend choosing a bitter, dark IPA to really bring out the chargrilled flavour of the meat. Many dark IPA’s have a heavy malt flavour that compliments that unique charred taste of your burger and a bitterness that adds a bit more depth to the taste of the combo.

German Beer with Sausages

Another big BBQ favourite and one which is also quite hard to pin a beer to when it comes to finding the perfect complimentary beverage.

Sausages are generally a beer food anyway. You will find that most beers go with them, and that it might take a while to find one that really makes that taste pop. Let’s help you out a bit here and suggest that you locate a German lager.

There’s a long history of Germany being the best country to get the perfect beer and a great sausage, and the BBQ in sunny old England is no exception when you bring a little bit of Germany to your cooking. When cooked on a BBQ, sausages form an exceptional caramelized coating, and amber or  brown German lagers are perfect to complement this sweetness with their bready, caramel tasting flavours.

German Beers and Chicken

Grilled chicken can often be a challenge when it comes to finding the perfect beer. Usually chicken grilled on a BBQ will be marinated beforehand to give it a more intense flavour. This added flavouring will determine what beers work well with the chicken.

If marinated with a BBQ marinade, brown or amber lagers will enhance the sweetness of the marinade without overpowering the meal. Spicy and herby chicken can benefit from blonde beers and their peppery, doughy maltiness. Alternatively for spicy chicken, you can use helles lager which offers an almost honey-like sweetness and grassy German hops to tie the beers together seamlessly with the spices of the chicken.

We hope that you’ve been inspired to get pairing your BBQ dishes with complimentary beers. If you are lucky enough to own a home bar, you can wow your guests with your new found BBQ beer knowledge. It’s important to make sure that your bar is fully stocked with tasty beer, and to pull that perfect pint you will need a good supply of beer gas.

That’s where we come in! Adams Gas are leading providers of cellar gas so that you can pull those pints perfectly every single time. If you would like to find out more on our cellar gas services, don’t hesitate to call our team on 0800 195 444 today and we will be more than happy to help you with your enquiries.