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4 Fun Facts About Welding

Welding is a fabrication that refers to the joining together of metals.

Here at Adams Gas, we are a leading supplier of MIG welding gas. This is used during a MIG welding process in which an electric arc forms among a consumable wire electrode and the work piece metal – which is heated. This causes them to melt and join together.

It’s used widely in the building and construction industry, helping to build a lot of structures such as high rise buildings, planes and bridges. In fact, as our latest blog posts have shown, welding has played an important part in a lot of amazing buildings over the years.

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Whilst you probably know all the basics of Welding, we’ve put together 4 fun facts that you’ve probably not heard of already…

Fun Fact #1 – WWII Welding

The fastest built ship, the SS Robert E Peary, was constructed back in 1942. It took just 4 days and 15 hours to construct – a record that still holds today. The reason why this ship could be built in next to no time was because of the advancements in welding that took place during WWII. By 1945, welding had replaced riveting as the main method of assembling ships.

Fun Fact #2 – Space Welding

Did you know that welding is a process that can be completed in lots of different environments – in both outside and inside conditions? Okay so you knew that one, what about the fact that it can be completed in space too? Yup! Back in 1969, a test was carried out in space to check if welding was possible in a depressurised environment. It worked! Bonus fact – when two pieces of metal touch in space they become instantly welded together!

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Fun Fact #3 – Welding Affects our Everyday Lives

A lot of people don’t realise the importance that welding has on our everyday life. Over 50% of man made products that are essential to our lives – public transport and buildings – are put together using the welding process. These wouldn’t be possible without welding – well they wouldn’t be fully functional anyway!

Fun Fact #4 – Bronze Age Welding

The earliest records of welding actually date back to the Bronze Age. This was discovered when small good circular boxes were found in long sealed tombs in Egypt. This was done around 2000 years BC – they were made by forge-welding two pieces of metal and finished by hammering them to form one part.

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