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Air Conditioning Maintenance Advice

The Adams Gas team love the feeling of knowing that we can help our valued customers outside of our standard opening hours; our blog being the main extension of this. Through providing our industry-insider blog, we get to address many of the customer queries and product issues we hear whilst providing of our reliable gas cylinders.

Take our nitrogen gas bottles for example; whilst these can be implemented for as varied an application as wine dispensary to use by racing teams, it is their use as the refrigerant in air conditioning units that we would like to highlight. It’s far too easy to take these units for granted, embracing their wonderful temperature regulation, but there are several things that you could be doing to ensure that you are getting the best out of your unit.

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Check Your Filters

The first thing to remember with all these recommendations is that if you are unsure of what you are doing, always seek the assistance of a professional. With that in mind, there is one particular part of your air conditioning unit that can become incredibly clogged up and subsequently reduce its effectiveness; the filter. To guarantee the air that is coming through your unit is being fully filtered, it’s important to keep them clean. Not only will it improve the quality of the air passing through it, but a clean filter can actually reduce the unit’s energy consumption by 5%.

Remember To Turn It Off

Thanks to their ability to harness the wonder of nitrogen, air conditioning units can be used all year round. The only issue with this is that they can be taken for granted, forgotten about and left on unnecessarily. To save energy, and to improve the overall longevity of your unit, always remember to turn it off when you don’t need it.

Keep the Unit Topped Up

If a vital part of your unit is missing – say the coils are clogged with dust, limiting the absorption of heat – you are going to experience an inefficient unit with poorer air output. Well, there are few components more important than the nitrogen, operating as a refrigerant. As such, always make sure that you keep your unit topped up with the stuff it needs to work; not only will it help your unit work more effectively, it prevents it from having to strain and also keeps your building at a more comfortable temperature! Win-win-win!

So, if you need to obtain yourself one of our nitrogen cylinders to be able to keep your unit working efficiently, all you have to do is get in touch! You can contact us on 0800 195 4445, where one of our friendly team are always waiting to address your gas-requirement needs.