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4 Interesting Facts About Propane

How much do you know about propane? Propane is one of the most versatile and environmentally-friendly fuel sources in the world, it’s also very cost effective! Propane was discovered in 1857 by French chemist Marcellin Berthelot, and was first identified as a volatile component in gasoline by Walter O. Snelling in 1910. Snelling had discovered a way to bottle evaporated gases and so this was used to heat homes, provide light, and cut metal.

Propane is natural gas and is commonly used as a fuel for barbecue grills and portable stoves. Did you know propane is one of a group of liquified petroleum gases, with the others including butane, propylene, butadiene, butylene, and isobutylene?

This gas is normally compressed and stored as a liquid. Propane is non-toxic, colourless, and near odourless. At Adams Gas, we provide numerous propane products. Here are four interesting facts about propane gas.

It Could Revolutionize the Auto Industry  

Filling up your car can be a dreaded task due to the price, but propane filled cars could be a thing of our future. Propane powered vehicles are extremely efficient, emit less pollution gasoline, and are much cheaper.

It’s Extremely Popular

Over 48 million homes and businesses in the US alone use propane for water and space heating, and many industries are choosing to use propane as a cost-effective way to fuel their vehicles as reiterated in the above fact. Propane is also very popular for farm-use. Everything from irrigation pumps to pest control is fuelled by propane, and it is also an essential part of grain driers, flame cultivation, and food refrigeration.

The world burns through over 9.2 billion gallons of propane each year and the demands are expected to grow to 10.1 billion gallons per year by 2025!

Better for the Environment

When comparing propane to other energy sources, it is much better for the environment. Propane is portable and can go anywhere at any time which is hugely beneficial. Propane is distributed through 56,000 miles of pipeline to nearly 6,000 retail dealers nationwide! Whether this clean burning fuel is used in a city, rural area, camping, or travelling, it provides a safe and environmentally friendly way to utilize energy. Propane gas doesn’t spill or leave a residue making it harmless to soil or water if a tank leaks.

It Isn’t a Greenhouse Gas

Greenhouse gases are a type of vapour in the atmosphere that absorbs and emits radiation, which creates a greenhouse effect, causing a lot of pollution on earth. As propane is a type of gas, many assume that it is contributing to the greenhouse effect, but it doesn’t. Propane burns clean meaning it doesn’t contribute to this effect like other popular energy and gas resources.

Propane is used in our everyday lives. If you want to find out the uses of propane, read our previous blog detailing these.

At Adams Gas, we pride ourselves on committing to our customers in providing an exceptional service and quality products. If you are in need of propane, view our range of products and get in touch with a member of our team today who are happy to help.