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5 Creative Uses for Helium

Helium balloons are great fun and have long been a staple of the customer-facing marketing industry. But with so many companies jostling for attention, it is worth considering how you can stand out from the rest. Helium for balloons remains an excellent tool for marketing because it ensures promotions stand out. Here we explore how you can carry out some truly stand-out marketing promotions using helium.

Advertising Balloons

Advertising balloons are an excellent first line offence when marketing in a busy location. As they can be seen from long distances, they immediately stand out even before the customer arrives at a location or event. Even when they’re too far away to be read, a large advertising balloon will pique enough interest to bring customers to you. Advertising balloons are a great solution for shows or events where you want consistent stand-out promotion for a few days or weeks. Arrange for a gas bottle refill halfway through the show and you’ll be able to keep your promotion airborne throughout.

Send it into Space

Space travel used to be a thing of dreams, but today it is possible to send a small product into the stratosphere as a promotional stunt with very little trouble. Buy a kit that’ll include weather balloon, polystyrene payload housing, GPS trackers and CAA compliance instructions and you’ll be ready to send something into space.

With trade gas cylinders and a couple of cameras to hand, you have the makings of an exceptional promotion for a new product. Send your item into space and film it as it becomes the first one ever to reach the stratosphere! If you ever wanted a good viral promotion, this is it.

Custom Inflatables

Getting custom inflatables made for your company can be a great way to stand out from the crowd. A floating logo or symbol relevant to your company will show more creativity than the others and encourage interaction with your business. Young or old, people are drawn to floating promotions, so it is an easy means with which to attract attention. There are numerous purveyors of custom inflatables and this could be your next promotional success story.

Branded Balloons

While they have been done before, branded balloons are still a fantastic promotional item. Children love balloons, so parents will always make a beeline towards someone handing out a free balloon. Whether this enables them to engage with your business or not, they will then walk around the high street with your company promotion on display for all to see.

Balloon Giveaway

Start a nationwide treasure hunt by releasing balloons into the sky with promotional items attached. In 2016 a purveyor of diamond rings started a nationwide treasure hunt by launching balloons into the sky, one of which had a diamond ring attached. The media attention from this stunt was huge and their company name was written all over the news. Not a bad result from a simple helium canisters!

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