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Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

The history of ice cream making dates back more than 2,000 years to ancient China, in around 200BC, when a dessert made from a mixture of milk and rice was packed into the snow and frozen. It was also the Chinese who pioneered a similar ice cream dish, credited to 94 employees – known as ice men – of King Tang of Shang. They are documented as having made ice cream from buffalo milk, flour and camphor.


Although none of this sounds particularly appetising, modern-day ice cream has, of course, evolved into a myriad of amazing flavours, with state-of-the-art production facilities manufacturing every type of ice cream imaginable – and not a buffalo, or a jar of camphor, in sight!

21st Century Ice Cream Trends


The amazing new trend of the 21st century is liquid nitrogen ice cream, which sounds like something out of a science fiction film, but in reality is a manufacturing method that incorporates simple chemistry into the production process.

A testament to the success of the revolutionary method, liquid nitrogen ice cream shops have opened across the globe, including the N2 Ice Cream Lab in South Africa, which even offers a “periodic table of flavours” to appeal to both science buffs and ice cream lovers alike.

The Process Involved


Making liquid nitrogen ice cream is a unique process that begins by mixing full-cream milk, cream, sugar and your favourite flavouring. Then, it is churned with liquid nitrogen, at a temperature of -195°F. The mixture freezes instantly due to the temperature of the liquid nitrogen – and unlike regularly-produced ice cream that contains 30% to 50% air after churning, it’s almost air-free, resulting in a dense, creamy texture.

Celebrity Influences


Part of its popularity is due to the showmanship involved in its preparation – and also to the celebrity chefs endorsing it. Heston Blumenthal, who is known for his somewhat wacky culinary skills, is a firm fan. The man who brought us egg and bacon ice cream and played the sounds of the sea during dining is devoted to the scientific craft of preparing food.

His award-winning Fat Duck restaurant, in Bray, Berkshire, was the first in the UK to serve ice cream made using liquid nitrogen. In fact, one of his zanier recipes is the ice cream pork pie, a dessert he made by combining ice cream with pie pastry. It doesn’t actually contain pork, as the meat has been replaced with liquid nitrogen ice cream. Nonetheless, celebrity diners were surprised when their dessert arrived looking like a pork pie but containing what was described as “ice cream mincemeat”. He also swapped the regular tableware for edible alternatives!

From Heston To Home


There are hundreds of recipes for ice cream that you can make at home – one popular choice is liquid nitrogen ice cream which also combines fruit for a sweeter taste – so find one that you like and you’re off. You can’t simply pop into the supermarket, however, to buy a bottle of nitrogen – you’ll need to buy it from a reputable supplier who offers trade gas cylinders.

Check online for recipes and you’ll find plenty that you can accomplish at home, or in your place of work if you run a café or restaurant. Once you get the hang of it and wish to purchase more liquid nitrogen, make it easy for yourself by taking advantage of gas cylinder filling services and organise a cost-effective gas bottle refill – simply contact us today.

Remember, you don’t need to be a celebrity chef to try out Britain’s coolest food trend!