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Why You Should Install Gas In Your Campervan

A campervan is all about freedom and the ability to escape and be self-sufficient in new environments, but commonly people find themselves tied to campsites. A gas cylinder can offer you freedom of movement in your campervan that will enable you to get far more out of your time away from home. Here we explore why you should install gas in your campervan.

Escape the Campsite

Far too often people with campervans find themselves tied into campsites because they need an electric hook-up for heating and cooking. This has a range of disadvantages because it limits movement, increases cost and restricts the time of the year during which you can use your campervan.

When you are relying on campsites you need them to be open, have available space and you will have to pay to stay each time. With a premium for electric hook-ups, this cost can dramatically increase the cost of your escape to the country and campsites will only be open for some of the year too! Gas allows you to escape from the campsites and do your own thing.


Cook Better Food

No matter how you try, cooking with an electric hob will always be limiting. With gas, however, you can cook to a much higher standard and will be able to enjoy a far broader menu of foods than a campervan with an electric hob can offer.

Gas also enables you to cook wherever you are, meaning you can relax more on your travels. There will be no pressure to get to the campsite by a certain time so that you can hook up and cook. Instead, you can pull over in whatever serene location you want to and cook an excellent meal to enjoy before continuing on your journey or spending the night.

Enjoy Heat Wherever You Are

One of the benefits of a campervan is that it offers a base from which to try new things. A campervan will allow you to park up next to a lake to take a swim or next to a hill to roll out on your mountain bike, and most importantly it’ll be there to get you warm when you return. With a gas LPG heater this is greatly improved because you will be able to blast the van with heat and make it toasty warm in just a matter of minutes. Save yourself a chilly drive to the campsite with a gas heater for your van.

Save Money

Gas bottle refill is cheap and means you can save a great deal of money. By saving yourself from the cost of using a hook-up you can save yourself upwards of £25 per night on campsite fees and you can stay in much more attractive and secluded places too. With gas refills costing less than this for several months’ worth of gas, you can save yourself a heap of cash every time to manage to avoid a night in a campsite. Contact us today to find out more.