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Ways to Stay Safe with Gases in a Commercial Setting

When it comes to commercial vocations, there are a lot of things to think about to ensure the safety of you, your colleagues, and the clients that you interact with. If you work with bottled gas in a commercial setting, safety precautions should be at the top of your priorities.

This blog should serve as an accompaniment to official guidelines regarding safe practices issued by your company and the gas distributors you buy with, not as a replacement. Use this article to help remind you of your responsibilities regarding gas safety in a working environment.

If You Are a Food Vendor…

As a food vendor, you are undoubtedly operating in very public places where negligence with gas safety has the potential to be catastrophic. Many food vendors work with flammable gases, such as camping gas or butane. It is your responsibility to your customers and the public to ensure that your portable gas bottles are kept in a safe and secure place.

You need to protect your gas supply from the stove that you will be working on, especially when working in a confined space. Make sure that the connection between the gas tap and the pipe that connects to the stove is secure, as you don’t want any gas to leak from the bottle.

Take away sausaged being grilled at public food market stand.

If You Use Heating…

It is unlikely that your office is using a portable gas heater to keep the staff warm in the winter, but it is possible, especially in the event that the main heating supply fails. Whenever you are using gas heating in a confined space, your bottles need to be stored with care, away from any volatile stimuli.

If you are in an office setting where gas bottles are frequently relied on for energy, you must remember to never keep the bottles in the basement or the lowest level of your offices. A gas leak in an open space is relatively harmless, as the gas will quickly dissipate, but in a confined space such as a basement the gas may have no means escape. This could lead to an explosion if the leaked gas catches a spark, or the gas could poison your staff.

If You Work in a Shop…

One of the most important parts of any shop is the gas and electric – these play a key part on customer and colleague satisfaction, especially in the colder months. As such, it is important to protect these assets at all costs.

If your gas and electric units are in a separate room from the shop, it’s essential that you waterproof the space. Failing to waterproof your energy supply leaves you at risk of losing sales during periods of torrential rain because your energy units have flooded. To be sure that your business is safe, we also recommend making regular checks to your energy supplies to prevent disastrous gas leaks or power outages.

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If You Work in Welding…

Professional welders require an adequate supply of TIG welding gas or MIG welding gas to carry out their work, but the same as any other employer welders need to diligently exercise gas safety precautions if they want to maintain their business without unnecessary risk.

You need to avoid storing your bottles underground, keep them away from intense heat sources and keep them separate from your tools – or anything that could spark an explosion in the event of a leak. If you need a more detailed explanation of gas safety in the welding world, you can read our blog: Stay Safe When You Weld.

If You Work in a University…

Many universities require a supply of gas bottles for their science and tech departments, so it is important that universities are also aware of contemporary gas safety requirements. Failing to do so could put staff and students at risk.

In one Australian university, a rotting durian fruit led to a full evacuation of students and staff who suspected a gas leak. Firefighters later tracked the smell down to the rotten fruit, but the safety precautions taken by the university are commendable – gas should always be taken very seriously.

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In a commercial setting, keeping safe is as much of a priority as keeping your customers and clients happy. At Adams Gas, we ensure that all our products are tested rigorously to ensure that they are as safe as possible. If you would like to know more about any of our products or delivery services, contact us today.