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How to Supply your Customers with Bottled Nitrogen

Adams Gas is a trusted bottled gas supplier of nitrogen bottles. We’re proud to offer a range of rent-free cylinders from 2L-50L for many uses across a variety of industries. 

Nitrogen is a non-toxic, odourless, and colourless gas. It’s relatively inert and is not flammable. This blog will explore the various uses for our nitrogen cylinders and discuss how you can provide this gas to customers as an Adams Gas stockist.

If you’re seeking a new business opportunity to sell gas as one of our stockists, or perhaps you want to expand your range further, let us help boost your revenue stream with up to 50% profit on each sale.

Nitrogen for Air Conditioning 

Nitrogen helps to absorb moisture that builds up inside air conditioning units. The gas regulator is connected to one of the lines and flushes out the system. The gas is highly effective at removing contaminants allowing the system to operate safely and efficiently.

Due to nitrogen gas being easy to store, cylinders can be used for several jobs, making it a cost-effective solution for many businesses.

It’s essential to flush AC units regularly as they become contaminated due to oxidisation, and so there is a vast market for stockists to supply businesses with nitrogen. 

Nitrogen for Food and Drink Preservation

The versatility of nitrogen gas means it can be used for freezing, packaging and bottling various food and drink items. For many, this gas is a cost-effective solution that is widely available, making it a popular choice within the industry. 

When used in liquid form, nitrogen can be applied to food to freeze it in a matter of seconds. The extremely cold temperature of the liquid allows tiny ice crystals to form and lengthens the product’s life and quality. An example of liquid nitrogen being used is to make ice cream or premium cocktails.

Nitrogen gas is used by factories up and down the country for food packaging. Using the purging method where oxygen is removed from the product container, the food items are preserved for improved quality and a longer shelf-life. Crisp manufacturers use nitrogen gas to sustain the pressure levels required to prevent the crisps from crushing during transportation.

Throughout the drinks industry, nitrogen is widely used to introduce fine gas bubbles into beverages to draw out dissolved oxygen, which affects the product’s taste. This method is standard in wine production to ensure that the oxygen levels fall below 0.5%.

Find out more about how nitrogen is used in the food and beverage industry in our blog.  

Nitrogen in the Medical Industry 

With a boiling point of approximately −195.8 °C, liquid nitrogen is used widely across the medical industry to remove unwanted skin, warts and pre-cancerous cells. It’s also used to purge oxygen during the packaging of medical supplies, ensuring sterility and cleanliness.

Liquid nitrogen can also be used as a cryogen to preserve biological samples, such as sperm, eggs, and animal genetic samples. For medical use, laboratory personnel must be fully qualified and use with extreme caution when preserving samples.

Nitrogen for Motorsports

Nitrogen gas can be used for tyre inflation within the motorsport industry. The gas is perfect for this application due to its consistent rate of expansion. Most race cars will use nitrogen to accurately predict tire pressure fluctuation and keep tyres at the correct pressure for longer, offering an improved tyre life.

Other uses for nitrogen in similar industries are to power portable air tools and within aircraft maintenance, where the gas displaces the oxygen in the fuel tank.

We’re always on the lookout for businesses to join our growing gas stockists network and supply customers with our products. Our nitrogen bottles are available in a range of sizes to suit your client’s needs and can be refilled. If you would like to learn more, contact us today.

For over 20 years, we’ve been one of the leading suppliers of bottled gas in Kent and Southeast of England, with a well-established client base across the whole of the country. 

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