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How to Supply Your Customers With Welding Gas

Are you looking to improve your revenue and footfall within your business and already order from us? Perhaps you are looking for new business opportunities to help support your current one? We hope to supply the nation efficiently with high-quality welding gas by expanding our network of stockists nationwide.

We offer to ensure the products are delivered to you to distribute across your local area and take any profits as your own. However, as a business, we understand that you will wish to know all about selling welding gases and how to store and distribute them safely and competently.

Which Businesses Use Welding Gas?

As a business that may already buy your gas from us, you may already be aware of the types of companies that use welding gases, but there are plenty of opportunities to explore that may be unknown.

Aerospace Industries – Across England, there is an abundance of aeroplane manufacturers. To produce high-quality transportation, they require high-quality equipment. Initially, TIG welding was created for use in this industry but has since spread to other sectors. Reaching out to this market could open you up to the regular distribution of welding gas for either repair, maintenance or manufacturing.

Automotive Industry – This target market is possibly one of the more popular and common industries. With thousands of garages, autobody repair facilities and manufacturing lines, it is a market that will always require an excellent supply of gas. MIG welding offers deep penetration, making it the ideal for sheet metal joining in the automotive industry.

Construction and Infrastructure – The process of MIG welding was invented to join non-ferrous metals such as aluminium. MIG welding is also used for Steel welding, and with over 50% of the steel produced globally being used within building constructs, a regular supply of MIG welding gas is always required. Each of these industries uses an excessive amount of MIG and TIG welding gas. However, when it comes to more modest businesses that could potentially increase your revenue, there is a selection of independents renowned for being our usual clientele.

· Farmers

· Engineers

· Motor mechanics

· Maintenance departments within larger companies

· Mobile site welders

· Air-conditioning engineers

· Hobby Welders

Of course, how much you potentially require to supply your local need will depend on the size of the companies in your area. When joining our stockist’s network, be sure you know the demand for a particular gas within your area by calling potential customers and companies. As a gas cylinder supplier, we want to make sure that you are making the most of this business opportunity and that it doesn’t leave you with excess stock you cannot sell.

Manual Handling Safety

The most significant risk when it comes to stocking and selling welding gas is the safety of your staff and yourself when delivering or taking delivery of stock. Gas Cylinders are not light-weighted items and, when mishandled, can pose severe damage to physical health.

Where possible, be sure to use the correct handling equipment. Mechanical lifting or moving aids will provide the momentum required to transport either from vehicles or warehouses and storage. We have a full safety document outlining exactly how to handle the different weights and sizes of cylinders correctly on our safety page.

Transporting Safely

When it comes to delivering bottled gas, safety is paramount. There are regulations for commercial transport of gases to ensure driver safety and other road users’ safety.

However, these regulations are there for vehicles carrying a large number of bottled gases, and for inert and oxidising gases, it is 1000kg and over. If you are transporting over this amount, we advise you read the Carriage of LPG Cylinders by Road document.

For smaller than 1000kg loads, there are three main points to adhere to;

· Risk assessment of the carriage, the loading and unloading of the cylinders. Baring in mind the procedures of manual handling when it comes to the loading of the vehicles.

· Drivers should be trained in:

o The associated hazards and dangers of the goods

o Safe handling of gas cylinders

o Emergency procedures and the use of fire fighting appliances. Their employer should keep a training record.

· Vehicles used to transport gas cylinders should be open; if this cannot be accomplished, the vehicle should be well ventilated with roof spinners and floor vents as appropriate.

· When the vehicle contains bottled inert gases, a 2kg dry powder fire extinguisher should be on board.

· Basic cylinder-safety training must be provided to persons handling and delivering bottled gases.

How To Become a Welding Gas Stockist

Our successful stockists will often find their customers and create an impressive clientele from networking and advertising. Most of our stockists see up to 50% clear profit margins from their sales of our products—however, the potential to earn more lies with you. We will often delegate any potential local leads within your area, but you will soon find that through promoting the products, you will generate your own customer base without our assistance. There is a variety of bottled welding gas, from large requirements of gas cylinder fillings to hobby welding gas in need nationwide.

What we offer:

· Supplying you with leads from your area, we had over 183,000 unique visitors to our site, many of whom were passed on to stockists.

· High-quality products, training and technical support for selling and distributing our gas.

· Provide you with a dedicated sales area, inside which we will not set up any further stockists.

What we expect in return:

· Be comfortable running a collection & delivery service in your area.

· Handle sales enquiries on a daily basis (Monday to Friday).

· Promotion of your gas products in your local area to supplement leads from Adams Gas

· To be able to go out and set up smaller stockists within your assigned area (optional)

If taking this business opportunity sounds like something that would benefit your business, you can fill in the online enquiry form, and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.