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Using Gas for Mobile Catering

Mobile catering can be an exciting business to own, travelling up and down the country, attending big events and getting front row seats at festivals (when you have the time to look up). However, when it comes to gas, do you really know where to start? Are you getting the right gas for your business?

Mobile Catering Equipment That Needs Gas

Within your catering business, you will use various equipment to produce quick and delicious meals. If you are looking to start a successful burger van, the most crucial piece of equipment will be the stove. This piece of equipment can come in various sizes depending on your needs and offers the perfect solution to fast-cooking burgers for your customers whilst still ensuring the best flavours.

As a mobile doughnut catering company, you will require the use of a deep fat fryer. Once again, these can come in many sizes, depending on your van size. However, unlike the grill, fryers take up much less space and offer a more compact piece of equipment. Due to having smaller countertop sizes available, this could also provide an excellent addition to a fast-food catering van, making chips and fries ready within a matter of minutes.

Every mobile catering business requires hot water. Whether for hot beverages for customers or instant access to hot water for cooking, a gas water tank can provide boiled water in an instant. This cost-effective piece of equipment prevents customers from waiting for their hot drinks.

Finding the Suitable Gas for Your Business

As experts in bottled gas, we understand the importance of finding suitable gas for you and your business. Luckily we stock a range of products, each with their own attributes to mobile catering.

Butane Gas Bottles Butane gas offers one of the best cost-effective solutions to LPG. It provides a more efficient burn in warmer conditions, making it ideal for mobile catering vans, and the gas is easy to use with easy connections. The bottles are also thinner than other alternatives, making them perfect for travelling.

Propane Gas BottlesThe most significant benefit of using Propane is the year-round use it can provide. Unlike butane, this gas will not freeze below 0°C, meaning you can take your catering business across many climates from the top of Scotland to the south of England without worrying if your gas has frozen, even in the winter months.

Calor GasWhilst our selection of Calor gas is an excellent choice for heating and portable uses, you will require a more cost-effective and longer-lasting solution when it comes to catering. However, if you only own one piece of gas cooking equipment, these may offer ideal options, primarily if you use very little. We deliver Calor gas to Kent and the surrounding areas.

If you are unsure what kind of gas you require for your business, feel free to give our helpful staff a call, they will be able to help point you in the right direction.

Safety with Gas

When it comes to dealing with bottled gases, safety should always play heavily with procedures in place to ensure the safety of you, your staff and your equipment. As responsible bottled gas suppliers, we offer access to all our gas safety documents.

Manual handling is usually an essential safety concern for most businesses. Although it may not be as dangerous as other scenarios, such as keeping a gas bottle away from naked flames, it is the one that most staff and businesses forget about. Transporting a canister from one location to another may seem quickly done, but if you move it daily and incorrectly, this could affect your spine and lead to back problems later on. Ensuring you and your staff are trained on the manual handling of gas cylinders should be part of your induction to the business.

Another document worth noting is the carriage of LPG cylinders by road. This documents the safest way to transport bottled gas, especially if you plan to transport more than one or will be using a van to collect and transport your gas.

Disposing of Bottles Safely

We offer rent-free canisters to provide our customers with the most economical solution to their bottled gas requirements. When purchasing your gas, a part of the price will be for the deposit of the canister. You can return the bottle to refill, in which you will only pay for the cost of the gas. If you no longer wish to use your gas canister, by returning it to us, you will receive the deposit you paid. There is no time limit for the deposit; it will only ever be returned to the customer who purchased the gas. By doing this, we ensure the safe disposal of our canisters if they require it.

We will always aim to refill a gas bottle for further use and only ever dispose of a canister if there is damage to the bottle. If you have a spare canister, it should never be disposed of with regular waste. It should never be put into a skip or any other waste disposal option. We will always buy your canisters from you, even if they have come from an alternative supplier.

For all your mobile catering gas requirements, we have various sizes available depending on your use and space. At Adams Gas, we offer gas cylinder filling on a contractual basis, which involves collecting, filling and re-delivering customer-owned cylinders. Even if you don’t have one of our canisters, we can still offer you a quick, high-quality gas refill. Contact our team for more information.