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Gas Cylinder Testing

Testing of TPRs – Transportable Pressure Receptacles


Adams Gas has been trading as a bottle gas specialist for over 20 years supplying Kent and the South East from our own filling depot in Kent along with our continued and fast growing network of stockists throughout the UK. We are able to help with any technical and supply issues that you may need assistance with and our expertise in the industry will ensure that your business will benefit from our support.

We provide storage, filling, refurbishment, transportation and the testing of gas cylinders.

Our trained inspectors are capable of meticulously testing 1000’s of cylinders per week and ensure all examinations are UK & European compliant.

We will ensure we work to the completion date as agreed when the order is placed and will keep you informed of the testing being carried out.

We work within the following specifications:

  • BS EN 1968:2002 – Periodic Inspection and testing of seamless steel gas cylinders &
  • BS EN 1802:2002 – Periodic inspection and t4esting of seamless aluminium alloy gas cylinders.

The key procedures for periodic inspections include indentifying the cylinder, perform an

  • internal and external examination including the threads and neck area. 
  • the cylinder is then pressure tested
  • the valves are the examined 
  • re-assembly and painting if required

Any cylinder that does not meet the full inspection process will be deemed unserviceable.

When you need your bottles tested, please contact us on 01843 220 596 or email