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Disposable helium cylinders - Trade

Disposable Gas Cylinders from Adams Gas

Are you looking for disposable gas cylinders for balloons? At Adams Gas we offer a range of RENT FREE refillable and disposable 2L, 9.4L and 20L helium canisters.

We are proud to be suppliers of rent free gas bottles in the UK and over the years we have continued to provide our loyal customers with great prices. Our helium canisters, such as our Own Brand Cylinder without 50 Balloons & Ribbon and Wholesale, Fill’N’Away Cylinder + 50 Balloons & Ribbon are available to buy without the continual rent charged by many other gas suppliers.


Refillable & Disposable Canisters Available in a Variety of Sizes

As we provide both refillable and disposable gas cylinders in a variety of sizes we cater to many different markets. So, whether you’re looking for canisters for your business or a special event such as a wedding or a birthday party, you can guarantee that Adams Gas will have the right products for you.

Our disposable gas cylinders are the ideal option for small one-off events whereas our refillable option is perfect for business use. Our canisters are easy-to-use and affordable; we provide to event planners and promoters throughout the UK and beyond.


Stockists of a Wide Range of Gas

Not only do we supply quality helium for balloons here, but we also stock a vast range of other gas cylinders including; Nitrogen, Calor gas, Propane, Butane, Patio gas, beer and cellar gas, MIG welding gas and TIG welding gas.

With our vast experience in the industry you can count on us to provide you with exceptional products alongside quality customer service.


Disposable Gas Cylinder Enquiries

Adams Gas is your first port of call for premium quality disposable gas cylinders. If you are interested in any of our disposable gas cylinders or would like more information about helium for balloons, please get in contact with us.

Phone us on 0800 195 4445 or 01843 220 596 and discuss your requirements today. We are proud to be a leading supplier of helium in the UK.