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3rd Party Storage

Do you have a requirement for supplying bottled gas but no facility to store, fill despatch and collect to and from your customers?


Case Study:

Our Fire Suppression System client benefits from our full Third Party Storage Service. We store their empty 50L nitrogen bottles at our depot. When of their customers needs gas, we then fill the cylinder and deliver it to their customer. Sometimes this is one bottle or a shipment of many.  We then collect the empty bottle from the customer at the same time as the delivery and return them to our depot. We then test the bottle under strict regulations – see our Gas Cylinder Testing Section and then re-store until the next order is sent to us to begin the process again.  Our client simply provides the service to their customers without seeing or being involved in any of the process which allows them to concentrate on other aspects and sales of the business.


If you would like to discuss any part of our third party storage service, please contact us on 01843 220 596 or email