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The Uses of Propane in Everyday Use

A gas which a three-carbon alkane, the molecular formula C3H8 (Carbon-Hydrogen) has a standard temperature and pressure but is also compressible into a transportable liquid. Due to its molecular structure, it is naturally a by-product that combines natural gas processing and petroleum refining. This gas is a part of the LP gases group (liquefied petroleum gases) and is used in a considerable number of objects we use on a day-to-day basis, especially now as we see summer jumping into action! How does propane effect your life, and will it affect your summer?

Propane and Other Gas
Cooking Something Up

The home uses of LP gases and propane are more vast than you may think; one of the most common is gas cooktops and ovens. Gas cookers are a preferred system of cooking for many people, especially chefs, but can also be a saviour in an electrical cut. It can also be used for outdoor cooking and BBQ’s at home, as well as being a major source of power for pizza ovens, spit roasters and other large cooking appliances.

Generating Heat

Another common type of LPG Heater is the one that is used as a heat generator in the home. These can be portable, built-in or a whole heating system can be built into the home. An alternative to an electric fire is a gas log fire heater or gas fireplace, which are an otherwise fantastic way to bring instant warmth and ambience to a room. More common throughout Europe, LPG can be used to heat water that travels through the closed pipe system in a home and into the radiators. This hot water can also be used in in-floor heat systems, which radiates upwards.

 Gas Fire
It’s Not all Boring!

When you are out and about travelling in your caravan or camping for the weekend, LPG can come in handy! It can power your cooking and heating needs, any refrigeration you need, your boat, and even solve rust problems on that boat.

Hot air balloons are probably the biggest user of propane for leisure uses, as they typically have 2, 3 or even 4 burners powering their glide through the skies. The most unusual use for the gas is in ice-skating. You probably didn’t know this, but the ice resurfacing machine uses LPG; so, if you have ever gone ice skating, you have this gas to thank for the smooth skate! Other activities such as golfing takes advantage of propane; the commercial lawnmower that paves the course to a smooth game will most likely use the gas.

On the Buses

Ever seen those American yellow buses? Well, they are powered by LPG, with it becoming increasingly popular in this transportation method, as the school systems saw reduced fuel costs as well as clearer air for communities. Some large trucks and other engines take advantage of the multipurpose gas; large trucks can combine the gas with diesel, which saves money in the long run (this is known as diesel substitution). Other vehicles are powered by LPG and, in this case, it is usually referred to as autogas. It isn’t just used for cars, but also powers commercial vehicles. It can be a great substitute for petrol in almost all petrol-powered cars and vehicles. It is estimated that there are 23 million LPG powered vehicles in the entire world.

School Bus

LPG provides an almost 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions as well as an 80% decrease in carbon monoxide in comparison to conventional gasoline.

Due to its low boiling point of -42oC, propane has become a popular choice for many. This makes the substance vaporise as soon as it’s released from its container, meaning that no carburettor or any other device is needed; just a simple metering nozzle. It’s easy portability due to its condensed containers makes it is a great solution for home heat, backup electrical generation and much more.

At Adams Gas, we pride ourselves on committing to our customers and providing an exceptional service, as well as quality gas cylinders. We believe that safety is key, which is one reason why we take extra precision and care with our cylinder checks. If you would like to know any more information about our propane cylinders, our experienced professionals will be happy to answer any questions.