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Summer’s Here – It’s Time To Have A Gas

Our leisure time is more precious than ever before and with the summer season underway and the prospect of more good weather to come, we need to think of how to make the most of it. With the outdoor dining and entertaining market worth just over £7.1bn in 2017 according to, it is no surprise that the item at the very top of the list for enjoying the summer will be digging out and dusting off the BBQ and inviting friends over.

Eat, Drink And Be Merry

Despite reportedly being an import from our cousins in the United States, the BBQ has become a solid British tradition that shows no sign of abating with 131 million of them being held in 2017. In fact, the only thing that is decreasing when it comes to BBQ trends in the UK is the use of charcoal as fuel – propane gas is now used in over 53% of cases.

This could be partly explained by a consumer-driven requirement for using ‘cleaner’ fuels that are not only better for the environment but also live up to higher expectations of food quality: no longer considered acceptable are the incinerated, bitter offerings that manage to be both burnt and undercooked at the same time; instead, today’s discerning BBQ attendee wants cleaner, fresher-tasting food that can be cooked in a controlled manner and eaten with confidence. Here at Adams Gas there is a range of options of Calor Gas available – whatever the size of your gathering.

Skewers on a gas BBQ
The perfect host will not only be concerned with what their guests eat but also what they drink; home entertaining is on the up and a key trend of recent years is the home bar, allowing pub-quality beverages to be served alongside better-quality, home-cooked food. Let’s face it – there’s nothing worse than a flat pint of beer or a soft drink that’s lost its fizz so our rent-free range of CO2 cylinders that are safe and easy to use will ensure that the food you’ve spent time cooking isn’t let down by disappointing drinks.

If you’re celebrating a special occasion – or indeed just feel like adding that extra touch to treat your guests – Adams Gas even provide Carbon Dioxide liquid intake cylinders for glass frosting or to keep glasses and their contents cool during the summer heat.

Into The Night

With research carried out by Mintel in their Pub Visiting Report 2017 suggesting that the numbers of us heading out to the pub is in steady decline and with property space at a premium, it’s not surprising that we’re investing more in our own outdoor spaces and sales of outdoor products that enable us to do this are on the increase, allowing us to continue our gathering even when the sun has gone down. Today’s gardens don’t just have the motion-sensor security lights of old, usually triggered by a neighbour’s cat; now we have lighting at different levels: solar-powered stake lighting along our paths, up-lights trained on our prized horticultural efforts, fairy lights – previously only seen at Christmas – draped through our trees.

Naturally, the British climate being what it is, even the hottest of summer days can bring chilly evenings so we can ensure our guests are kept warm when entertaining outdoors by ensuring our patio heaters and gas-powered fire pits are well topped-up and Adams Gas range of propane patio gas is perfect for just that job.

Gas-powered fire pit
Of course few of us are lucky enough to be able to wile away our summer afternoons in the garden and frosting our wine glasses: unfortunately we have to work to pay for our al fresco entertaining. If you’re in the welding business though, it’s not all bad news – Adams Gas are the leading welding gas suppliers and it’s easy to keep on top of your supplies of argon gas bottles for all your MIG or TIG welding needs – or even acetylene gas for those bigger jobs – with our range of canisters available rent-free in sizes that suit you and your needs, from 50L industrial cylinders to 2L porta welding cylinders.

So whether you’re working this summer or lucky enough to be able to take time off, make sure you keep Adams Gas at the top of your list to help you enjoy the sunshine while it’s here.