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Top 12 Inflatable Santas

The decorations are starting to go up and, far from ‘loving thy neighbour as thyself’, it seems like every other street has two or more houses that are dedicated to besting the other in garden displays. If you’re playing into this game this Christmas, there’s no better way to decorate your Christmas garden than with a blow-up Santa.

This blog will showcase the best and worst Santas that have been spotted in gardens and shops across the world.


1. Squashed Santa

This is our least favourite Santa. We think this balloon might have had more effect if the designer had stuck with a disc-shaped balloon, rather than trying to play with shape.

2. Movable Limb Santa

When we see an inflatable Santa, admittedly, the first thing that races across our minds isn’t usually, ‘I bet that Santa wishes its limbs weren’t frozen in place like that’, but clearly the creator of this Santa was deeply disturbed by this notion.

This Santa has free movement in its arms and legs, and his expression shows that he seems to be quite happy with its existence. Tie a weighted string securely around his waist and fill him with gas from a helium canister to create a Santa that is not only free moving but is also free from gravity.

3. Santa’s Lap

If you’ve got kids who can’t pass a Santa’s Grotto without begging to go in, then you need an inflatable Santa that you (and your kids) can sit on. Relive the Santa’s Grotto every day in your own home with this amazing inflatable Santa chair.

4. Summer Santa

If you can’t stand the Winter chill and have the heaters on full time, then perhaps the hot summer Santa is more suited to your abode? This inflatable Santa can even dance, and we all know that dancing toys make Christmas even more special.

5. Santa-Eating Tree

This inflatable may even dissuade the real Santa from visiting your house this Christmas. At least it’s sure to get noticed by your neighbours.

6. Santa-Eating Dog

In this inflatable, Santa has evaded the deadly man-eating Christmas tree, only to be ravaged by the local dog. Poor Santa!

7. Santa on Fire

We’re starting to see a similar theme here – depicting the mortality of Santa through the art of inflatables. At least the reindeer is trying to help this time.

 8. A Santa that Consumes You

With this blow-up Santa, you have to step inside it and inflate it over yourself, covering everything apart from your head. Santa seems quite happy about it, though; you can also re-use this one at Halloween.

 9. Too Many Santas

This image just goes to show why you should be careful to avoid buying too many inflatable Santas. The eight in the back of this picture are very pleased to be the chosen inflated few, but the rest of the pile are quite harrowing. Please don’t put this mess in your garden this Christmas.

10. Heli-Santa

Perhaps you’re not into the concept of a magical Santa, and you’re more interested in the facts, like how fast Santa would have to be travelling to visit every house on Christmas day, or how many miles he would have to cover. This inflatable makes the most of this concept by involving a helicopter and introducing some helpful elves to make his mission seem a little more plausible.

11. A Fantastic Team

It was a close call picking our favourite, and this Santa team definitely ticks all the boxes: it’s showy, it’s cute, and it’s full of Christmas spirit. If I saw this cheery Santa on the street, I’d wave back.

12. The Best Santa

When it comes to blow-up Santa, more is probably more, which is why we’ve chosen this Santa as our favourite. He’s an impressive 9FT tall, so he won’t go missed by your neighbours, and he’s also pretty trim! We especially like his snowman friend who is helping him to make Christmas special.

If you’ve found the perfect inflatable Santa for Christmas this year, contact our bottled gas suppliers for portable helium. Show the town that your inflatable reindeer really can fly.