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Welding in TV and Cinema

There are so many serious papers and blogs out there about welding tips and tricks to help you improve your skills and outwit the competition, but sometimes you need a few moments to embrace what you really love about welding in your downtime. In this article, we look at the representation of welding across TV and cinema to see how this occupation is perceived by the general public.

Flashdance, 1983

You can’t expect to read about welding in television and film without a mention of Flashdance; the opening is a matter of cultural importance. For any female welders out there, you’ve probably been the subject of a Flashdance reference at some point during your career.


The Walking Dead, 2015

The Walking Dead is both a comic and television show that follows the story of a group in a post-apocalyptic scenario. As one might guess from the title, the show features a lot of zombies, but it also features the odd scene of welding. It is far from the central premise of the show, but the few scenes where welding does occur tells us that welding will be an important skill at the end of the world.


Evidence, 2013

While almost all representations of welding in pop-culture have seen welding as a cool activity, this one film has seen the scary potential for welding in horror, though the main aim of the film is to demonstrate issues with CCTV and recordings. Remember to stay safe when using your welding supplies!


Iron Man, 2008

This extremely popular film produced in the Marvel Cinematic Universe presents welding as an extremely important skill set for the film’s hero, Tony Stark. The plot follows the growth of billionaire and entrepreneur Tony Stark, who uses his welding skills to solve not only his medical problems but the shortcomings of the human body by creating an amazing robot suit.

Iron Man is an often sarcastic, but very talented, hero. His ability to successfully support himself and achieve his goals is something that many modern-day welders aspire to for their own progression. He also teaches us that innovation is very important for progression and that by pouring your passion into your favourite hobbies – be they welding, engineering or something else – you can create something truly spectacular.


Spider-man: Homecoming, 2017

Given that welding appears so much in other superhero films, one might start to consider the skill of welding to be akin to a superpower too. Iron Man himself returns in this film to carry out some more welding, though we have to ask; where is Iron Man hiding all his welding gas in that sleek suit?


Aliens, 1986

Welding was important for women in the 1980s; while Alex from Flashdance earned a living as a welder, Ripley – the main character in Aliens – is released from a ship that may as well have been a metal coffin, had she not been freed by the use of a welding torch. Welding features again quite prominently in the sequel – a treat for any TIG welders out there.

Much like Iron Man, Aliens features a few themes from science-fiction, showing that for many people, welding is still regarded as a rather fantastic occupation or hobby.


The Empire Strikes Back, 1980

Almost everyone has seen the Star Wars movies, but did you take note of the scene where Chewbacca is busy welding some repairs onto the Millennium Falcon? It’s not just Chewbacca either, as there are some brief shots of Princess Leia and Han welding too throughout the films. Wherever the future takes us, it seems that few people can imagine a future without welding.


Dexter’s Laboratory, 1996

If you wanted to introduce your children to welding, you could show them the cute cartoon Dexter’s Laboratory, which features a child genius who likes to experiment, create and weld in his laboratory. It’s a great way to introduce the kids to the joys of science and engineering.


The A-Team, 1983-1987

Even the A-Team are down for a bit of welding on occasion. In the following video, Mr T stick welds some rusty metal to a car to create an epic machine. But be warned, this scene may cause some irritation to real-life welders; the scene depicts rusty welds of dissimilar metals, which we know never makes for a clean or secure weld.  On the other hand, the A-Team is a series enjoyed by many, and it’s nice to see welding getting some representation:

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