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Gas Cylinder Storage Rules

Gas canisters can be incredibly volatile if treated incorrectly, especially if they contain highly pressurised gas such as nitrogen or a flammable gas such as butane gas and propane gas. Therefore, if you have some gas canisters, make sure you know how to store them correctly and the situations that you need to avoid putting them in.

Gas Bottles

Keep Them Away from Heat Sources

One of the most important things when storing gas canisters is to make sure that they are kept away from sources of heat. This is because all gases undergo a phenomenon that is governed by a physical law known as Gay-Lussac’s (or Amonton’s) law. It essentially states that as the temperature of a gas increases, its pressure increases. This is because the molecules of the gas are getting more energetic and further apart, which means that they will be pressing against the walls of the canister with greater force the more they heat up.

If a gas canister is near a heat source, the pressure inside will increase and this could cause a devastating explosion, especially if the contents are flammable. With this in mind, it is very important to make sure that your gas is stored in a cool place.

Gas Fire Burning

Keep Your Storage Well Ventilated

Now that you know that your gas needs to be stored somewhere cool, your first thought might be that your basement or cellar will act as a great place for your gas storage; however, there are some elements that you need to be aware of before you start stashing your gas underground.

For propane and butane gas bottles, never, under any circumstance, store them below ground. This is because, if there is a leak and there is no ventilation, the gas will sit at floor level and slowly build up in the room. This can be fatal to small children and pets as they won’t be able to breathe properly and that can lead to a sudden death.

If the basement is well ventilated, this is less of an issue. In a well-ventilated room, the leak will be vented out and your air will be kept clean and safe. You are also less likely to suffer a leak if you keep your gas canisters upright, and it is best practice to keep them away from building entrances, exits and drains.


Store Them Upright and Securely

Make sure that all canisters and bottles are stored upright and securely. This is to prevent the canisters from toppling and leaking into the surroundings. If you’re worried about theft and don’t want to keep them outside because of this, you can invest in a cage to protect your gas without causing a hazard to your safety.

Negligence is also a great theft of gas, so make sure to check your gas canister fixtures and fittings regularly to ensure that everything is working as you expect it to. A poor regulator might not warn you that a leak is occurring, so it is important to do a manual check every now and then.

When using gas canisters, always remember that your safety is a priority, so follow the correct rules and be safe with whatever you are doing. Here at Adams Gas, we offer a variety of products, from petroleum gases like propane and butane to nitrogen and CO2 bottles.

We make safety our number one priority, which is why our bottles and equipment undergo regular safety checks. If you would like to know more about our products and services, you can contact us.