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How to Choose a Helium Supplier

Finding a reputable and well-respected helium supplier can be a difficult task. It may sound easy on the surface, but it’s a highly specialised industry, and with so much competition, there’s much to consider before choosing which supplier is suitable for you.

It’s not a case of just jotting down some numbers, requesting quotes, and then going for the company that charges the least. This is a consideration, of course, but there’s a lot more to it than that.

To help you find someone suitable, here’s what we recommend…

Look for Someone Who Knows What You Need

Helium is a highly specialised product, and you should only ever source it from someone who is a true expert on the gas and how it ought to be used. Such individuals will not only know the many different grades of helium that are available, but also what they’re suitable for, so that they’re able to recommend you with the option best suited to your needs.

At Adams Gas, we have a customer-orientated approach to our business, which is shown through our service, professionalism and recognising what our customers need. This is one of the many reasons why we are a leading helium and industrial gas supplier.

Up-to-Date on Health and Safety

Helium is a volatile material, and because of this, there are lots of safety, compliance rules and regulations surrounding its handling, usage, and storage. Your supplier should know these safety regulations inside out, so it’s good to ask your perspective supplier questions to test this, as you’re looking for an individual who is able to provide accurate and comprehensive knowledge to ensure your own compliance, and more importantly, your safety. A company who can inform you all about the gas’s properties, safety and equipment requirements is a beneficial and positive factor in a supplier.

Delivery Services

If you don’t have the means to collect and transport your helium cylinders yourself, don’t forget to check that anyone you approach has the means to get them to you. This sounds obvious, but it’s a practical consideration that lots of people overlook. Confirm that not only the company delivers, but also that they deliver to your specific location, this shows the flexibility of the supplier.

We have a reliable and punctual reputation when delivering to our customers, validating why we are helium gas suppliers you can count on at all times.

Company Credibility

Most of those who are on the lookout for helium suppliers are doing so in a professional capacity, because they own a business that sells balloons, for example. If this is the case, the same rules apply as with any sort of provider: pick someone who will reflect positively on your own enterprise. This means choosing a venture that is not only reliable, but delivers on time, has good communication skills, and is as concerned with producing a high-quality product as you are with buying one.

As providers of refillable helium balloon trade gas cylinders, here at Adams Gas we pride ourselves on being experts in this industry. To learn more about our products and how we could help you, contact us today by calling 01843 220 596 or emailing