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Top Tips For A Winter Barbecue

Summer barbecues may be leisurely and relaxing, but they won’t give you the same sense of adventure you’ll get from braving the elements for a winter barbecue.


Plan Ahead

Check that you have enough gas when you are planning your barbecue, and order more if needed. The last thing you want to do is run out of gas part-way through cooking. Bear in mind that cooking in lower outdoor temperatures will use up more gas than when you use the barbecue in warmer weather. If you will be using a gas-powered patio heater, make sure you have a spare gas canister for the heater too.

If you haven’t used the barbecue for a while, give it a quick wipe down in advance, so that it’s clean and ready to use on the night. Have everything ready so that once you go outside you can cook straight away and not keep your guests waiting long before you serve them some delicious, warming food. Chop up meat and vegetables inside, where you can stay warm, and prepare skewers so that kebabs can be placed straight on the barbecue.

Choose A Sheltered Spot

Position your barbecue in a sheltered area where it is protected as much as possible from the wind. Do the same for your patio furniture, so you are not too exposed to the wind while you eat. Remember to keep the barbecue well away from anything which could be a fire hazard.

Keep Warm

Wrap up in warm clothing – layers are good for trapping heat around your body. Thick socks are a must and cosy boots will help too. Fingerless gloves are ideal for keeping your hands free to move, but if you need extra warmth at times, opt for the ones with the mitten covers.

Use a patio heater or chiminea so you and your guests can gather round to keep warm while you eat. Make sure you have plenty of rugs and throws available for guests to wrap around themselves if they start to feel chilly. You can even provide hot water bottles if you really want to spoil your guests.

Choose The Right Food

Thinner steaks and smaller chunks of meat will keep cooking time to a minimum. You could also part-cook some food indoors, such as corn on the cob, and then finish them off on the barbecue. Keep the lid of the barbecue down as much as possible to retain the heat. Allow a few minutes of extra cooking time, and if you have a meat thermometer, use it to check your food is thoroughly cooked. Serve steaming hot mugs of soup to keep the cold at bay while the rest of the food cooks.

Dining Options

Have an indoor area prepared so that you and your guests can retreat indoors to eat the meal if the weather gets too cold to be enjoyable. After all, your barbecue is meant to be a fun get-together, not an endurance test! If you stay outside, serve mulled wine or hot chocolate to finish, and add a hint of chilli to your hot chocolate for an extra warming effect.

Contact us for your bottled gas supplies or gas bottle refill on 01843 220596. Prepare ahead, wrap up warm and you’ll find dining al fresco in winter can be just as enjoyable as a summer barbecue.