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Your Dream Home Bar Complete with Beer Pumps

Having a watering hole at home will come close to the top on many a DIY bucket list. If you’re thinking about building a space for you and your friends to retreat to in the comfort of your home, we can help you with top tips that ensure there are no compromises – from the perfect bar set up to a beer pump system that will give crisp, cool pints straight from the tap.

Building Your Bar

It’ll be your centrepiece so think about what materials you want to use and the look and feel you want for the room. Wood tops remain popular, and using a solid wood means you can sand and treat it every so often to keep it looking fresh. For a surface that is easy and convenient to keep clean, think about using granite. You can pick up large tiles from many homeware stores, and you might even be able to get your hands on some low-cost offcuts.


Seating and Other Features

Stools give an authentic bar experience but you might also want to build in some comfortable seating so you can settle in. High chairs are a great alternative to stools if you want to save space – they provide back support and you’ll find it harder to fall off them after a few pints. A corner sofa and table create a cosy nook and can be achieved by building a unit and upholstering it yourself.

Brewing Up and Stocking Up

The ultimate in the full home bar experience is brewing your own alcoholic drinks. Brewing equipment can be found cheaply online and will get you started on beer, cider and wine. Stock your bar with authentic snacks too – peanuts, crisps and crackling. Friends will be queuing up and you can indulge guilt-free. It’s part of the experience!


Pump Systems – The Pièce De Résistance!

It’s surprisingly easy to put in place a system to have beer flowing on tap. If you’ve got the space you can keep a fridge under the bar or in the next room, and then the beer can be pushed up to the pump using C02 pressure. Trade gas cylinders are perfect for the job as they last longer. To give yourself variety and to make sure your beer stays fresh, you might want to buy smaller kegs as they won’t keep for more than one or two months. To keep it super fresh as it’s pumped, use pipe insulation and expanding foam. This will keep it cold and fresh. Every six weeks or so you should clean your system, and you can buy a cleaning solution for this. Pump systems use C02 to pump the beer into your glass, so make sure you keep a gas bottle refill on hand or a plan to replace it – you don’t want to run dry!

Adams Gas are pleased to be supporting home bar customers with their bar and other gas needs. Products include C02 cylinders as well as BBQ and patio gas – everything you need for a get together. We are always happy to talk through your needs, so get in touch on 0800 195 4445!