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How to Choose Your Welding Accessories

To be a great welder, the individual needs both skills, experience, and great equipment. We can provide useful hints and tips to help you with your welding on our blog, but we are most experienced when it comes to helping you understand the importance of the welding equipment and tools that we stock instore.

Here’s our guide to our welding accessories and how they can benefit you.

Welding Pliers

Welding pliers have a number of uses and are a must-have for any professional welder. If you need to adjust your welding nozzle while it’s hot, you’ll want to be using these welding pliers. Proper welding pliers are also simultaneously wire cutters – offering you two tools in one! Welding pliers can also be used to remove spatter from the inside of the nozzle, so you really shouldn’t have to go without this useful tool in the workplace.


Welding Chemicals

If you regularly struggle with splatter during your welding attempts, then you might be having an issue with setting the pressure of shielding gas correctly for the type of gas and environment that you’re in. It’s important to learn to regulate your shield gas properly, but you can also use welding chemicals to prevent against splatter. We offer a choice of anti-splatter spray or paste. Many welders use a form of anti-spatter chemicals on their workpieces, but they’re also incredibly important for your welding torches, too. Don’t let spatter build up in your welding nozzle, pre-empt it by using anti-spatter spray on your torch and weld with better results.

Welding Regulator

Our MIG Welding Regulator is used to moderate the flow of your shielding gas. We supply MIG welding gas and TIG welding gas for your welding torches, but without a fully functioning welding regulator, your weld might not come out the way you want it to and you may even be putting yourself in danger.

You need a regulator that can give you the appropriate amount of pressure for the gas you’re using and your workpiece. For example, Acetylene can be explosive if it’s compressed too much, therefore you’re going to need a regulator that allows a fairly loose flow of gas, that still allows you to have some control over the amount of shielding gas for use on different materials.

Welding Fume Extraction Equipment

For any welder worrying about breathing any noxious fumes from welding, we recommend our Parweld Safety Helmet, which purifies the air as well as providing protection for the wearer’s eyesight. It is battery powered so you won’t have to worry about tripping over wires while you weld, and the filter is easily replaceable, ensuring that your purchase of this helmet is a secure and long-term investment.

Safety should always be at the forefront of any business, especially in high-risk situations. For other helmets and general safety equipment – such as clothes, gloves and googles – check out our welding safety equipment page.

Gas Trolly

You don’t want to ruin a day of work by putting your back out in the morning, trying to carry a canister of gas to your workstation. Don’t risk your work, use our gas cylinder handling equipment instead. We offer small and large sizes to accommodate your business’ needs.



Organisation of all your different pieces of equipment can be just as important as owning the tools in the first place. After all, there’s little point in owning the tools if you can’t keep track of them or find them when you need them! We sell Weldability Toolbox Cases to help you keep everything together and safe from weathering.


Ready to Go Welding Sets

Alternatively, if you’re tired of sifting through pages of products, you might be interested in one of these sets. They offer all the basic equipment that you might need, and we have two types at present:

There are multiple choices depending on your gas-mix of choice, and depending on how your workshop is already stocked, some options may be more useful to you than others. These sets are here to make your life easier when trying to choose the optimal accessories for your welding needs and are especially useful for start-ups and hobbyists.

We supply a range of welding gases and accessories that will help you to achieve your best welds. Whether you’re welding for a client or for a hobby, we’re here to support you. We offer gas bottle delivery, as well as refills and safe gas canister disposal.